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3 Reasons Why You’re Experiencing Wetness Down There

ICYDK, there are different types of wetness.
February 19, 2021
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Have you ever wondered why you feel *wet* down there even if you’re not sexually aroused? Here’s the thing: It’s totally normal! Vaginal lubrication aka vaginal wetness is simply the female body’s way of keeping it clean and healthy. But sometimes it feels sticky and uncomfortable, not to mention it can stain your panties. To help you deal, we explain the different types of vaginal wetness you could be feeling and what you can do about them.  

1. You could be sweating.

Let’s be clear: Your vagina isn’t responsible for the sweat. It is actually your vulva, the external organ connected to the vagina and urethra. You see, the vulva is covered in sweat glands specifically known as apocrine glands, which are present in *hairy* body parts like your scalp, armpits, and groin. Sweating down there mostly happens if you’re doing heavy tasks like working out, if you’ve got a lot of pubic hair, or if you’re wearing thick underwear.  

2. It’s vaginal discharge.

The female body regularly secretes cervical mucus, aka vaginal discharge, to get rid of dead cells and bacteria. Vaginal discharge differs in color, consistency, smell, and volume. So, what does a normal discharge look like? It varies from woman to woman. But usually, a *healthy* discharge comes in a clear, consistent white fluid. Factors like period, pregnancy, and hormonal changes can also affect discharge. If it develops an unusual color, thick consistency, or fishy smell, make sure to consult your doctor ASAP to better assess the situation. 

3. You might have peed.

Read: Urinary incontinence. It’s when a person accidentally releases a bit of their pee due to factors one has barely control over. Remember those times when you had to hold in your pee for hours? While you’ve managed to run to the nearest CR, you notice there’s already a pee stain on your underwear. This type of urinary incontinence is called urge incontinence. Another type is stress incontinence, which happens when your bladder receives more pressure than normal, like when you jump, cough, or laugh. Other types of urinary incontinence include functional incontinence experienced by people with physical injuries; overflow incontinence which occurs when your pee exceeds your bladder’s capacity to hold it in; and mixed incontinence if you’re experiencing more than one type of incontinence. If you feel like your urinary incontinence could be caused by an underlying condition, best to talk to your doctor for proper diagnosis.  

Remember that wetness is a normal bodily response. While we can’t easily control it, we can still do something about the sticky and sweaty feeling by wearing a breathable panty liner. And yes, even if you’re just staying at home, you will still need a protective layer to help absorb wetness and odor from building up on your panty. Check out Carefree panty liners because they’re made of light, breathable material to help your vagina feel clean, fresh, and comfy every day even when you're just at home. Need more convincing? Watch our panty liner experiment below:

At a time when hygiene becomes a priority, we should not only bring attention to our overall health but also what happens in our intimate area. Wetness happens down there and it can develop odor, bacteria, and discomfort if we don't take care of our intimate area. One way to help address wetness is by making it a habit to wear a panty liner whether you're staying in or heading out for some errands.

Carefree offers different panty liners that are designed for everyday freshness and protection against wetness that can cause odor and attract bacteria! Stay clean and fresh as you go through your day with Carefree panty liners, so you can be #CarefreePantyProud every day, even when you're at home! For more information about Carefree panty liners, visit and follow Carefree Philippines on Facebook

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