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5 Tips To Help Manage Your PMS Symptoms

So you can conquer even your *worst* red days.
April 27, 2021
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Whether you’re hustling at work or just having some me time, you can’t really avoid PMS aka premenstrual syndrome. In the days leading to our periods, bosses like us can still get easily irritable, upset, or tired by our daily tasks. There are also times when we give in to food cravings which leave us with a bloated feeling. Our symptoms may vary, but we can all agree that PMS is a hassle since it can disrupt our busy lifestyles and even our relationships. Yikes! While we can’t avoid PMS, we can still take charge and make PMS ~more tolerable~ through these tips:  

1. Cut down your sugar intake.

When we talk about cravings, sweets and carbs often come to mind. But you might want to watch your intake, because consuming more than the usual can affect energy levels and lead to sugar crash. As a result, you’ll likely experience headaches and even become irritable and distracted. 

To help lessen sugar crash, consider ~healthy~ cravings by adding more green leafy veggies which are rich in vitamins, calcium, and potassium—nutrients that help lessen PMS symptoms. Another option is salmon and tuna which are enriched with omega-3 to help manage cramps and bloating. If you can’t rule out sweets, dark chocolates are a good alternative because they have less sugar. 

2. Don’t skip your workout session.

IKR, who has the energy to exercise after a long, tiring day at work? While lying down on your bed seems much better than a sweat sesh, it still pays to push yourself to remain active because it can help release endorphins that largely help improve your mood! If you can’t commit to an intense workout, you can opt to do quick exercises or yoga—which can help ease PMS symptoms. 

3. Get enough sleep.

Don’t feel guilty about getting some rest! Work-life balance is about honoring changes in your priorities. There will be days when you just need to take it easy at work and be fully present in taking better care of yourself. This means getting more sleep, especially during your PMS phase! Lack of sleep can mess with your mood and energy which might affect how you go about a busy day ahead. If you’re not used to sleeping early, some things to help you with the task include: putting down your phone, setting the mood in your room, avoiding caffeinated drinks and large meals before bedtime, and sticking to a sleep schedule. 

4. Learn to address vaginal itch.

If you’ve observed unusual itching and dryness down there, it might be caused by hormonal changes—particularly a drop in estrogen. One way to address the itch is by using a gentle yet powerful feminine wash, such as the GynePro Ultra Protection Feminine Wash. With regular use, it offers Tri-Power Protection against bacteria aka the culprit responsible for odor, itch, and irritation. This feminine wash is made for red days, but you can definitely use it when you start experiencing itch because of PMS. Keep in mind too that hormonal changes aren’t the only cause of itching down there! If you think it’s pointing to a more *serious* infection, best to get in touch with your OB-GYN right away.

5. Get empowering advice from people you trust!

Dealing with PMS can really be frustrating—sometimes even paralyzing when it hits you too hard. But know that you’re not alone in this! Your fellow bosses probably experience it as well, so don’t hold back from opening up to them. They may have their own coping ways that you can adapt, and likewise, yours could help them out in a way. Although if you want to better understand PMS from a medical perspective, reaching out to your doctor is also possible. 

PMS struggle is real—but it shouldn’t stop you from becoming an empowered version of yourself! Take on the challenge and learn to overcome PMS by tweaking some lifestyle habits that could help you ease through this phase. It’s also important to make sure you’ve got your red day self-care essentials in check which include GynePro Ultra Protection Feminine Wash. Last but not least: Don’t let PMS define you. Remember you’re your own boss and you’ve got this! 

For more info about GynePro, visit and follow the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages. You can check out the GynePro Ultimate Protection Feminine Wash online via Lazada and Shopee.


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