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5 Ways You Can Stay Fresh During Your Workouts

Feeling and looking fresh might just be the key to your best exercise sesh!
April 20, 2016
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Busting our behinds to get that enviable summer body doesn't mean we can't look fresh while doing it. In fact, we'll go as far as saying that looking and feeling fabulous as you WERQ it at the gym might just motivate you to finish your workout strong—and return tomorrow for another round.

Scroll down for our top five tips for keeping fresh while working out:

1. Learn proper breathing techniques. Huffing and puffing may be part of the fit life, but you'll find that you'll get tired less easily when you master your breathing technique. Cardio workouts require you to breathe deeply through your mouth, while strength or weightlifting rules will tell you never to hold your breath! Follow these breathing rules and see yourself look and feel more comfortable throughout your workout.


2. Hydrate just right. It always pays to have a water bottle next to you during your workouts! Sipping water in between sets is what you need to keep you going. Just remember, don't drink too much during and right after your session. It's tempting to chug down a full liter of water after an explosive treadmill sesh, but it'll only make you feel bloated. Listen to your body and don’t overdo your H20 intake.



3. Try exercising with a view. Imagine yourself doing your yoga pose in full view of the ocean, or covering miles and miles of land running through a tree-shrouded street. Instantly relaxing, right? Working out with a view of nature instantly relaxes your brain, makes you think clearer and do your workouts at ease. You'll definitely look and feel less frazzled as you exercise.


4. Braid your hair - With all the movements exercise requires, a ponytail just won't cut it. It loosens easily, messing up your weave in a matter of minutes. Our trick? Braid your hair tightly instead so you can freely move while letting enough air graze your face. Instant freshness!


5. Pick your deo wisely. Feel fresh while stretching, running, and lifting with a deodorant that provides maximum wetness and odor protection for 48 hours. Our pick? Belo Essentials Clinical Strength Deo which provides sweat protection and eliminates odor-causing bacteria. It also won't stain your gym clothes. The product is specifically designed for those who live an active lifestyle and sweat heavily. Now you don’t need to be afraid to sweat it out!


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