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I Attended A Virtual Indoor Cycling Party And It Was The Highlight Of My Day

It felt like I was back in a cycling studio!
by Louise Ferrer
December 20, 2020
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Out of all the workouts I've tried in my life so far, I'd have to say that indoor cycling aka spinning is my personal favorite. It's a combination of low-impact cardio and strength exercises using a stationary bike. A typical class is usually held inside a studio, with several other riders, and an instructor on a podium in front to lead the exercise. Everyone moves (and even dances) to the upbeat music. Simply put, it's just like partying but with a fitness goal. ;) 

Before the quarantine, I regularly attended spinning classesat least once a week. It was the perfect "me time" where I could not think about work and just have fun. But because of the lockdown, we've all had to turn to at-home workouts. There are days when I would follow fitness videos on YouTube, or sometimes try those quick full-body workouts from TikTok (and yes, I consider those viral dances as some form of exercise).

Cycling used to be part of my weekly routine pre-quarantine but now, after spending months at home, I just couldn't wait to get back on the bike again! The feeling of being inside a studio and sweating it out with good music and great company is definitely something I miss. So when I got invited to attend an indoor cycling class again, I was all for it! Read on to know more about what went down during the Lifesmith Virtual Spin Party.

A few weeks before the big event, I got a bike from Saddle Row, and let me tell you: She brought back *a lot* of fun memories. What a beauty, right?


The class was scheduled on a Saturday night. Here's a photo of the countdown right before our workout sesh. I was sooo excited! 


This was what my setup at home looked like:


Watch the video below to get a sneek peek of the 45-minute virtual neon spin class led by Saddle Row instructor, Gianna Llanes.

DJ Patty Tiu was also at the event, giving the class some fun, upbeat music! 


Overall, the class was enjoyable and challenging! Of course, cycling at home is still very different from cycling at a studio. At the virtual spin party, I saw my instructor through a laptop screen and she was communicating via video call. Since she wasn't physically on a podium right in front me, I had to closely observe what was shown on Zoom. As for the music, it was actually pretty cool because the tracks were from a live DJ set and not through a regular playlist. With the neon lights as part of their setup, the class was definitely giving off some ~cool vibes.~

I listened to my body and from experience, I learned that indoor cycling isn't meant to be a competition or a race anyway.

It felt great because it was just like being back in the studio! Gianna, the instructor, was so full of energy from start to finish. She kept motivating everyone to push harder, especially during the sprints! It was a good reminder that even the small movements matter, and that one way or another, they do make a big difference in achieving your fitness goals. I admit there were times when I got so tired that I had to sit back down and rest for a bit. And to be honest, it was perfectly fine. I listened to my body and from experience, I learned that indoor cycling isn't meant to be a competition or a race anyway. (After all, you're *literally* not going anywhere. You're on a stationary bike, lol.) I had the freedom to go at my own pace, but I also had the chance to challenge myself even more. 

Would I attend more virtual spinning classes in the future? Of course! If you're looking for a way to stay fit with minimal workout equipment this quarantine, this is something you should try. 


You can avail of Saddle Row classes via SHOOR and charge it to your Globe Postpaid plan. Globe's ThePLAN (P1,799) comes with a Saddle Row Ride Kit which comes with a Gen 1 indoor bike, a ride-at-home bundle (with realign mat, resistance bands, ropes, Saddle Row swag bag), free 30-day unlimited ride, row, and realign classes. The offer is open to all new and existing Globe Postpaid customers nationwide, and customers also have the option to avail of 90-, 180-, or 365-day class vouchers with ThePLAN if they want more classes. 


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