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Stay Fit At Home With These Fresh, Unconventional Workouts

No weights? No problem.
April 03, 2020
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Depending on how you adjust to it, being at home for a long period of time can be good or bad for your #FitnessGoals. On one hand, morning runs and spin class are suddenly out of the picture, and it's probably going to be hard to get back into the rhythm of regular workouts. On the other hand, you have much more control of your time when you're indoors. If you’re serious about your fitness, the latter is what you need to focus on.

So here's what you're going to do, step by step, to help you stay in shape and look your best: Tell Captain Ri to cool it for a second, turn off your TV, get off your couch, slip into your sports bra, roll on some Rexona, and bang out a couple of killer home workouts. And if you don’t have the equipment that you’d normally use at the gym, you can always replace your regular exercises with home workouts using these household items. Doing so will give you a better shot of coming out of this looking (and feeling!) like a snack.

Use laundry detergent jugs to tone your arms
No dumbbells? Fill up old laundry detergent jugs with water and use these as substitutes for small weights. With these alone, you can get creative with your workouts: front raises, rows, and overhead presses can help you tone your arms and upper body. One liter is about 2.2 lbs., so adjust based on what you normally do. You can also try this with large cans or bottles of juice.

Use a large pail filled with books to work on your hips
Think of it as a kettlebell arm swing. Fill a large, dry pail with other household items to give it a little weight. Then, holding it with both hands, swing it upward in front of you, making sure to engage your hips, glutes, thighs, and arms.

Use rags or paper plates for an abs and cardio workout
If you've never tried mountain climbers, now’s a good time to get started. Lay on the floor as you would for pushups, but with the rags or paper plates under your feet. Then, without bending your back, slide your right foot up to the side of your right hand, alternating the same with your left foot. This is a particularly wide mountain climber that should engage your abs better. The plates or rags should help your feet slide, so you can do them faster and really break a sweat.

Use a short stool to build upper body strength
Nothing beats classic pushups! To add a little resistance, perch your feet on a short stool or any other slightly raised surface. The extra elevation will make it a little harder, but worth it. You can also use the stool for elevation in single-leg bridges.

For more cardio, just take the stairs
If you live in a high-rise or a multi-storey condominium, consider running up the stairs for cardio. When you can’t go for a run outside, and you don’t have a stationary bike or a treadmill at home, this is an excellent alternative.

Naturally, exercising at home means going through all the motions of your regular workouts, including the prep. Staying fresh and clean is as important as ever, and it means using the right deodorant, like Rexona or Dove, which has healthy, protective properties. Then, after cooling down, take a nice hot bath, do your skincare, and maybe put on a face mask.

Now you can get back to Captain Ri.

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