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Which IVE Member Are You? Check Out Their MBTI Personality Types And See Who ~*Matches*~ Yours

IVE is ready to conquer the ~big, big stage~.
by Cianiah Kaela Apurado
May 11, 2023
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IVE is a group who continuously dominates the charts with their highly addictive bops. For them, consistency is key. Just over a year into their career, the group already has numerous hits and earned multiple daesangs (grand prize) awards—not bad for their rookie days!

If you need a guide to get to know the members more, then let their MBTI personality types come to the rescue! Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is an evaluation that analyzes and classifies one's personality into one of four main areas: Extroversion (E) versus Introversion (I), Sensing (S) versus Intuition (N), Thinking (T) versus Feeling (F), and Judging (J) versus Perceiving (P). After taking the test, the MBTI comes up with a four-letter personality code that falls under 16 different categories.

Read on to learn about each IVE member's MBTI type and compare it with yours:

Yujin (ISTP: The Virtuoso)

Compatible types: ESFJ, ESTJ

Even before IVE debuted, An Yujin was already a familiar face in the industry. She had appeared in several music videos, and is also one of the youngest contestants  in singing competition program King Of Mask Singer. She joined the survival show Produce 48 and made her debut in the monster girl group IZ*ONE.

Virtuosos like her have the mindset of fulfilling their goals without asking for external connection. They believe that their capabilities are enough for them to succeed. Yujin being the multitalented idol that she is perfectly represents ISTPs.

Gaeul (ISTJ: The Logistician)

Compatible types: ESFP, ESTP

IVE's matunnie (eldest member) Kim Gaeul is someone who has a huge curiosity for many things. That might be the reason why she loves to watch horror movies and read mystery novels.

ISTJs have a great sense of duty and show responsible work ethic. These descriptions define Gaeul because despite being gifted with so many skills, she still works hard to improve herself. Her stage presence and charisma are evidence that her hardwork pays off!

Rei (INFJ: The Advocate)

Compatible types: ENFP, ENTP

Pursuing your dream in a different country comes with many challenges, but Rei (who is from Japan) was able to rise above them. Aside from being a musical artist, she also has an eye for other art forms. She loves drawing and making crafts, and she does them ~wonderfully~.

Advocates may be considered the rarest personality type of all, but they never fail to make the world a better place to live in. Their principles and idealism not only affect them but also uplift others. You can count on them if you're looking for meaningful conversations and genuine friendships.

Wonyoung (ENFP: The Campaigner)

Compatible types: INFJ, INTJ

In the video, Wonyoung shared she couldn’t remember her exact MBTI, except for the result showing she’s an E (Extrovert). Even so, DIVEs (IVE's fandom) believe she’s an ENFP. She is everywhere — on shows (she was a MusicBank emcee), or in product endorsements! Wonyoung was also in IZ*ONE alongside Yujin, and ranked first place in Produce 48.

Campaigners are free-spirited and open-minded people. They are also very outgoing and don't blend in a crowd because they effortlessly shine. ENFPs are fun to be with and they're very sincere in wanting to have deep and meaningful connections with people.

Liz (INFP: The Mediator)

Compatible types: ENFJ, ENTJ

Liz has an angel-like visual that complements her heavenly vocals. Whenever she steps out on the stage, she always proves that she's a born performer. An interesting fact about her is she ~loooves~ cats!

INFPs like Liz are empathetic people. They help others due to their sincere compassion. Mediators are good listeners, and they don't easily make assumptions and judgements calls about others. They value authenticity more than anything else.

Leeseo (ENFP: The Campaigner)

Compatible types: INFJ, INTJ

IVE's maknae (youngest member) Leeseo made her debut at the age of 14. With her personality type combined with her young age, you'll see her going around with so much energy, as if it's being replenished every minute. She's also very appreciative of the things that she likes.

Just like her Wonyoung unnie (older female friend/sister) ENFPs can be the life of the party. However, never misinterpret their lively approach to everyday matters, because they always search for the deeper meaning in life. People under this personality type believe that "everything is connected to everything else".

PH DIVEs, which member matches your MBTI?

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