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3 Feel-Good Tips If You've Been Extra Stressed Lately

We want to know how your self-love habits have changed.
September 02, 2020
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In case you needed to hear this today: It’s okay to put yourself first! Don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself before others. While it’s understandable to worry about important things like work and family, we also need to check in with ourselves if we feel like taking a break! After all, you deserve to unwind and treat yourself. Here are some feel-good tips:

1. Go on a social media break.

Does reading the news make you feel stressed and anxious? While it’s okay to stay updated with current events, scrolling endlessly through your feed may be bad for your mental health. And a social media detox may just be what you need! Schedule it on weekends or during your days off from work. On the bright side, going offline will give you more time to try other fun, relaxing activities like reading a book, doing yoga, or trying a new baking recipe!

2. Listen to some music.

Even while you're working, you can de-stress with feel-good music playing in the background. Curate your fave songs into a work playlist that will surely uplift your mood and ease your worries about meeting deadlines. While things get busier, remind yourself that you got this!

3. Shop for self-care essentials.

Online shopping can be so therapeutic but we have to admit, it can be very magastos! While treating yourself is an act of self-love, you still need to consider how much you’re spending too. It helps to prioritize the things you add to your cart. Why not put self-care essentials first? Stocking up on quality personal care products can benefit you in the long run anyway.

Say you’re having your period soon and you want to make sure you feel comfy and protected during your menstruation. Consider adding Kotex Luxe to your cart. It’s an ultrathin pad that helps take care of your intimate area. Thanks to its silky soft bubble bed, this napkin feels gentle on the skin as it reduces friction so your intimate area won't feel irritated during your period. Switching up your essentials helps elevate your self-care routine, making you feel in charge of your life!

There are many ways you can show self-love. At the end of the day, it’s all about putting your needs first so you can feel like your whole self again. How have you been practicing self-love lately? Kotex wants to hear from you. Share your habits by taking a quick survey below.

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