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3 Reasons The Start Of The Year Is Always Stressful

And how to deal with them.
December 21, 2016
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Is it just us, or is this holiday season closing too fast? There is still some last minute shopping to do (because the holidays are not yet over until all your inaanaks are covered, TBH) and the amount of work at the office just won't let us do that easily. Below are other things that make the end of the holidays ~*super*~ stressful, along with a few tricks to help you cope until the season  is over.

1. There's too much work and too many parties.

As you grow older, you'll realize that the number of party invites you get won't always equate to the number of hours you won't be working. Just because 2017 has officially started doesn’t mean you’ll be spared from all the pahabol holiday parties you get invited to. Paired with the rush of work that comes with the start of the new year, things can get really hard to handle. 

How to deal: Pacing is the key to party survival. Plan out and prioritize urgent deadlines and say no to invitations you really don't feel like going to, but don't forget to send over a unisex or functional gift to your monito-monita so they won't leave the party sad.

2. Your wallet isn't cooperating.

You'd love to give a gift to every single one of your office BFFs and inaanaks but your 13th month pay already gave up on you. Even with all the sales around you, budget constraints in the time of constant potlucks and clothes shopping may make it hard for you to complete your gift list. The start of the year definitely isn’t the best time for your savings account. How do you recover? 

How to deal: Make your gift ideas a little more ambitious by DIY-ing your way to you friends' and family's heart. Stock up on mugs or basic tees and customize it with calligraphy and witty quotes. Your effort will definitely be appreciated and your wallet will also be more or less thankful for it.

3. Planning and shopping take so much time.
Let's face it, the end of the holidays is the perfect excuse to go crazy on shopping for yourself (according to your budget, of course) after you splurged on gifts for all your loved ones. The only problem is that sales often attract a huge crowd to nearby malls so you're bound to face horrendous traffic and dwindling stocks of the things you want to get your hands on, especially now when other people are also spending their Christmas money!

How to deal: Get dibs on the best products by purchasing them online. Not only do you get to shop from the convenience of your home, you also get to save money on gas and food!

Holidays should be a time for sharing and caring—not stress! Give your loved ones unique yet affordable gifts hassle-free. Globe myBusiness now has a new online bazaar filled with products from local brands like Habi Batangan, Neon Island, Sarah's Home, Adarna House and more! Shop now at

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