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3 Reasons Your Best Friends Get You Like No One Else Does

Cheers to the girl friends you can always count on.
August 10, 2018
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While watching puppy videos can make you smile when you’re not having the best day, real friendship beats every cure in bringing you back from your worst times. Your real friends stay on the phone with you for hours, toast to your promotion, and help you in any emergency. Below, what makes them get you like no one else can.

1. They know you in and out.

Your best friends know your entire life story: your horrible dates and the relatively good ones, your usual coffee order, your passions and dreams, your lowest days, and your highest moments. There seems to be nothing they don’t know about you and no life-changing story they haven’t heard from you. Whether you met your girls in high school, college, or at work, their knowledge about your ins and outs means they know what to do when you're having a slump. Best of all, they know if you prefer to have company or just be on your own, without you having to say anything. 

2. They know exactly how you feel.

Your friends know what's going on with you from the twitch of your eyebrow to the expression in your eyes when you see your ex, when you've finally figured out what you wanted to eat for lunch, or found something you like on the sale aisle. The art of not speaking and still being heard and understood is one of the greatest things you and your girls have mastered throughout your friendship. 

3. They know what to do in every situation.

Knowing you very well lets your friends assess any situation you’re in to help you get through it. Real girl friends will see the look in your eyes and give you a big hug before your tears start to fall. They will forgive you for the awful things you’ve said and done that you thought were unforgivable. They’ll take you out to a movie, cook your favorite meal, or dance with you like there’s no one watching. They’ll notice the jump in your step when you have good news to share, and they'll tell the world how proud they are of you, because they know what you’ve been through and that you deserve nothing but the best in life.  

It's hard to find something that comes close to friendship and women who understand you exactly how you need to be understood. But the same special bond can be had with pH Care, the brand that you never have to ask–

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It's time to show the same love to your BFFs, in case you haven't yet. Check out this video and tag them to say #GotYouGirl!

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