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The Cosmo Girl's Guide To Getting Her Dream Car

This courtside reporter teaches us how she got hers!
December 04, 2015
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It's been at the back of your mind for years, but you never really know how to make it happen. While you suffer the super long commute along EDSA, girls like PBA Courtside Mara Aquino are driving their dream cars from one gig to another. How did she do it, you ask? Here are three things you can do, straight from Mara:

1. Include it in your vision board.

One thing that can help you focus on your goal is a vision board. Mara writes down her goals on paper, takes a photo of it, and makes it her wallpaper to keep herself motivated every day. This is exactly what she did with her new Nissan X-Trail. "Every time I pass by EDSA and see the billboard I say, 'you're mine.' Six months later, after I wrote it on my vision board, I had extra income, so I bought it!" Mara is a huge believer that the more you claim something even before you get it, the more possible it is for you to actually attain it.

2. Save up for it by getting side jobs.

Let's face it, working your usual 9 to 5 wouldn't get you your dream car. Mara says she took on a lot of hosting gigs to be able to save up for her SUV. Try taking up small online jobs like data entry or social media work. Focus on working for your dream car, and you'll find your funds grow in no time! Mara says, "Don't worry about the 'when', don't worry about the 'how', just know that it will happen."
3. Do some more digging!
Take dreaming one step further by knowing all the features of your dream car that justifies its rightful place on your vision board. Mara says not only did she loved the Nissan X-Trail's pogi looks, she also loved the SUV's dual zone climate control, brake assist, and the push start ignition button. Knowing what features to look forward to will help motivate you on your way to owning the ride of your dreams!

Find out why Mara thinks the Nissan X-Trail is the best SUV for girls who have drive for success by watching the video below!

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