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5 Best Reactions To “Let’s Take A Break”

OMG. 7 years. Tatapusin mo lang with a few words??!
November 05, 2015
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1. OMG. 7 years. Tatapusin mo lang with a few words??!

You’ve been in a relationship for so long, and you’ve been trying to save it at all costs. One day, he goes up to you and ends it without preamble… Or is he really ending it? GIIIIRL, Ano ba? Relax! Don’t be so OA! He might just be inviting you to a little coffee date. Maybe, he just wants to hang out with no pressure and zero drama like how you used to spend endless hours together when you were still in your honeymoon phase. Deep down, you know you both need the breather.

2. Wow! Di naman tayo ah.

You know those super presko guys who feel like the world hangs onto their every word and will do anything to please them? Sometimes, sassy remarks just come to your head whenever they say something with a hidden innuendo. One of these days, you will finally put that D-bag in his right place.

3. I don’t want to take a break… I want you…

You’ve been crushing on this guy for so long. He’s been your inspiration no matter how busy or stressful work can be. Every time he talks to you, you can’t avoid the kilig! And every time he goes out of his way to talk to you or even when he just smiles at you when you run into him in the hallway, sometimes, you think, “Hay, sana akin ka na lang.

4. SURE! Pwede mga 2 weeks na break, boss?

Of course, there are some days that even if Office Crush is there to make you smile, you just want to escape your work life. Your body may be at your desk or attending meetings, but your mind is up in Mount Pulag’s sea of clouds or in the breathtaking beaches and crystal clear waters of El Nido. When your boss finally invites the whole team for a break, you can’t help bargaining in your head for a suuuper long breather—definitely not the 15-minute kind you spend in the pantry.

5. FINALLY! Tara, let’s grab a snack!

Sometimes, you don’t have to make things complicated. Sometimes, “let’s take a break” simply means it’s time to stop bickering with your boyfriend, it’s time to stop overthinking everything, or it’s time to just step away from your desk. Malay mo, gutom lang yan, so make break time Piattos time! Share a bag with your partner or closest friends, and chill muna! You can also munch on your favorite Piattos chips during "me time". We all need it every once in a while.

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