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5 Easy Money-Saving Hacks We Learned During the Pandemic

All that time (and money) spent on online shopping wasn't in vain!
November 08, 2021
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The pandemic has really changed how we get our retail therapy. Instead of strolling through the mall and waiting for something to catch our eyes through the windows, we find ourselves staring at browser windows instead. Online shopping’s become our favorite way to scratch our shopping itch.

But because shopping online is so easy, it’s also become a lot easier to spend more than we wanted to. Before you start looking for your next purchase, you might want to check out these five tips for saving money online:

Play the Waiting Game with Your Shopping Cart

Every item goes on sale eventually, and the discounts can be pretty stellar. Instead of straight-up buying something, just pop it into your shopping cart without checking out. All you need to do after that is wait for a sale to come around and then hit that checkout button!

Look for Deals at Different Shops

Looking at more merchants means more chances for better deals! If that cute top you want is at full price in one shop, try looking for it on another. Some brands have tie-ups with specific shops and sell their items for lower prices there than anywhere else.

And sales aren’t limited to the usual 10.10 or 11.11 gimmick, either! Some services offer deals on payday, too. Keep an eye out for any occasion to celebrate; if there’s a day for it, there’s a deal for it.

Location. Is. Everything.

Before you add an item to your shopping cart, take a look at where it’s shipping from, first! It might be cheaper at one seller, but the shipping costs could be costlier. If a gadget’s P2,000 cheaper at an overseas seller, but shipping and customs will set you back by P3,000, it’s isn’t actually a good deal.

The same goes if you’re buying local, too! Compare the combined cost of the items plus shipping between sellers to find out which saves you more money.

Bookmark One Stop Shops

A lot of us get our daily essentials online, from food to skincare and everything in between. If you’re buying a lot of different items on the regular, you might want to look for a single seller that has multiple items on your list. You’ll be able to save a ton on shipping costs by getting everything from one source rather than multiple bookings.

Use Online Payment Apps

Online payment services usually have tie-ups with some of your favorite brands and shopping platforms. You can actually save a lot of money just by changing your payment method to an e-wallet!

PayMaya, for example, gives users up to P1,500 in total savings when they use the e-wallet on their everyday transactions like online shopping, paying bills, and more this coming PayDay.

From November 8 to 17, 2021, you’ll find a list of “missions” on the PayMaya app which you can complete to earn savings for transactions you would’ve done anyways. Loading P2,000 into your Lazada Wallet via PayMaya for the first time as an upgraded user, for instance, automatically gives you up to P500 reward.

And it isn’t limited to just online shopping, either! You also get up to P500 savings just for paying a minimum of P2,500 your Meralco bill for the first time as an upgraded user with the service. Plus, you can also get an additional P500 when you complete these smart spending goals with your upgraded PayMaya account:

  • Cash in at least P2,000 to your Lazada Wallet via the PayMaya app in a single transaction.
  • Purchase P300 worth of items from the PayMaya shop in a single transaction. Prepaid load, gaming pins, prepaid content subscriptions, and lifestyle vouchers are some of the eligible purchases.
  • Send money worth P1,000 each to three verified PayMaya users using the “Send Money” feature. Sending to and from a PayMaya account through bank transfers and Smart Padala are not eligible.
  • Pay two unique billers worth at least P2,000 each using PayMaya’s in-app bill payment facility. Payments to billers under the “Donations” and “Others” categories, however, are not eligible.

To get more details on these offers, click the Missions button on your PayMaya app’s homepage.

Shopping for all your wants and needs can actually be less costly. All you need to do is time things right, be smart about shipping, and use the right apps like PayMaya, to help you earn savings while completing your essential transactions. Once you’ve got these bases covered, you’ll be saving enough money to get yourself a little something extra during your next retail therapy session.

Check out #PayMayaPayDaySave for yourself by downloading the app, which is available on both iOS and Android. Be sure to register using the code COSMLOVESPAYMAYA to get a P100 reward when you upgrade.

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