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5 #LifeGoals You Didn’t Know You Could Afford Right Now

Money shouldn’t stop you from reaching these #LifeGoals!
November 10, 2016
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Everyone has goals, but not everyone has the financial capacity to make them happen. But what if we told you that many of the things you’ve always wanted are actually more affordable than you first thought? Check out these five #LifeGoals that you can totally get right now:

1. Your Own Place

Tired of having to put up with your parents’ curfew? That means only one thing: it’s time to get your own place! Luckily, there are now many mid-priced condos that an upstart independent lady like you can rent. Of course, you’ll have to forgo your shoe-shopping sprees to pay the rent on time, but the space and independence is so worth it!

2. A Trip to Europe

Who said a European vacation is reserved only for the rich and fabulous? By taking advantage of airfare promos, bed and breakfasts, local eateries, and Europe’s excellent public railway system, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of this continent without spending a fortune. Here’s another tip: think outside the box. Cities such as Belgrade and Prague may not be as famous as Paris, but they offer many of the Old World charm of their more touristy counterparts. 

3. Designer Bag

There’s no bigger fashion statement than an authentic designer bag, but it’ll probably cost you your entire Christmas bonus—and then some. If you want the same prestige without the steep price tag, why not buy a second-hand designer bag instead? Online stores such as offer an original Gucci bag for as little as P13,000, while Facebook merchant Jessy Couture offers Chanel bags on a layaway (read: hulugan) basis. 

4. A Pet

Who wouldn’t want to come home to their fuzzy, lovable fur baby at the end of a long day? Buying a pet will set you back tens of thousands of pesos—unconditional love doesn’t come cheap, it would seem. But if you want an affordable and more ethically responsible way of owning a pet, you can opt to adopt a dog or a cat from an animal shelter instead. The price is a fraction of the cost of a purebred pet, and they’ll come neutered/spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

5. Your First Car

You’ve graduated from commuting and it’s now time to get your own ride. A great option is the new Volkswagen Polo. With a sharp contemporary look, excellent safety features, impressive ride, and a comfy cabin, it offers excellent value for its modest price. Finally, no more need to flag down a cab just to make it to your date on time! Know more about this ride by checking it out here.

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