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5 Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For First-Time Pet Owners

Check our list to see which breeds are better suited for your lifestyle.
August 30, 2021
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Dogs have a knack for making you laugh when you’re bored, brightening your “down days,” and showering you with loyalty and love. So if you want a dog, but don’t have much time to spare, we understand. But here’s a thought: Owning a dog might not be as high-maintenance as you imagine. Each breed has different personalities and dispositions. All you need is to find the ~perfect match~ for your lifestyle.

So, we did some digging and found five low-key breeds that can gel well with first-timers and busy bees, fun things you can do with them, and the type of diet that’s best for them:


These pups like to lounge, and by lounge, we mean you’ll probably see them napping in the same spot for hours on end. But if you want a laid-back best friend that doesn’t ask for 100 percent of your time, a pug might be the dog for you. Just get them to exercise to keep them healthy. Games like fetch can keep your pup entertained and active at the same time. A diet that helps them maintain their ideal weight and muscle tone is also ideal.


These feisty pups are adaptable and independent. They also do well even when left alone, which is a plus for busy gals. Just remember to train them while they’re young so they know who’s in charge. They need little exercise, so a few trots around the block or games like tug-of-war are enough. Diet-wise, they’ll need food that’s safe for their small jaws and won’t build up tartar in their teeth.


This breed is so affectionate and loyal to its owners that it’s easy to fall in love with them. They have a big-dog-in-a-small-dog’s-body attitude, so expect them to try to protect you from whatever they think is trying to harm you. They’re super positive and pretty much game for anything—from playing frisbee outdoors to just chilling by your feet while you work. They’re natural hunters, so games like “hide the treats” are something they’ll enjoy. Just hide snacks around your yard then let your pup go sniff for them. A dachshund’s long spine is their most sensitive area, so food rich in calcium and phosphorus can help keep them healthy.

French Bulldog

Frenchies are gentle companion dogs that love humans. So if you’re a homebody, they may be your perfect match. Any activity that involves playing with you is enough to make these frenchies happy. Plus, they only bark when there’s something to bark about, so no don’t worry about interruptions during your zoom meetings. With training, they’ll be okay by themselves whenever you need to go out to do errands. Diet-wise, protein-rich formulas that are gentle on their stomachs are best.


These easy-to-care-for, peace-loving pups are adaptable and friendly with family and strangers alike. Plus, they hardly shed, so you don’t have to worry about getting fur all over you. They can live happily even in small apartments because of their size. Just let them roam the house and that’s enough exercise for them. Maltese are smart dogs. So if you want, try teaching them basic commands like “stay,” “sit,” “come,” and “down”. These cute pups can benefit from food that keeps their coats shiny.

When you do meet your perfect match, just remember this tip: these dogs are low-maintenance, but you still have to give them the TLC they deserve. Just be familiar with the kind of care your dog’s breed needs. The right exercise and nutrition can help with this and even help lessen any maintenance they’ll need in the long run. Try nourishing your dogs with Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition, a dog food line that offers kibble designed for different breeds of dogs and their unique needs.

For more information, visit the Royal Canin website or follow them on Facebook.


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