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5 Playlists For Girls Who Are So Over Their Exes

Ex who? Lol.
November 14, 2016
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A breakup, no matter how good it is for your emotional health, is never easy. But admit it, there is nothing sweeter than the taste of finally moving on from your ex. Below, 5 scenarios that we can all surely relate to and playlists that you can blast to heal—or celebrate—the state of your heart.

1. When you still love him, but you know it’s time to move on.

Here’s a reality: sometimes you just don’t want to let go. If you know it’s no longer doing good for you and your partner though, it is better to just cut things off. Doing what’s good for you despite of your feelings is courageous, girl.

2. When you realize you have been in a toxic relationship.

Most of the time, the realizations only come after you’ve taken a step away from a relationship. Giving yourself space will help you see things differently. That’s when you just might realize that you aren’t really missing anything by letting your ex go.

3. When you’re finally thankful it’s over.

Okay, so a lot of us have that urge to try and fix things at first whenever our relationships start to get messy. But it’s okay, that self-redemption you get when you finally wake up to the fact that it is his loss is sweeter than any ice cream tub you might have swallowed when you were still crying over him.

4. When you’re ~happy~ again.

So you see your ex with a new girl on your Facebook feed and get no ill feelings AT. ALL. You have finally forgiven yourself and him for all that has happened and is definitely in a better place right now. Congratulations are in order. ;)

5. When you just feel empowered.

There is nothing more beautiful than a happy, confident woman. Those who say you need someone to feel fulfilled don't know what they're doing with their lives. A man may make your life a bit more interesting, but hey, you wouldn’t have any problem living your single life to the fullest either.





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