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5 Signs That Say It’s Time To Call It Quits

Is it time to break up?
October 18, 2015
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Sure, relationships aren’t perfect, but arguing with your bae about the same things over and over again can be tiring and can take a toll on you both. If QT is down and he’s making up every excuse to miss social activities with you, plus, you aren’t really ganado to see him anymore, maybe it’s high time to think things through and call it quits.

Here, five tell-tale signs that he’s turned from Mr. Right to Mr. Not Right Now.

1. Every fight brings you to the brink of breaking up.

E ‘di sige, break na tayo!” runs through your head every time you fight. Even the little things like being 10 minutes late for movie night ticks him off and you just can’t handle his outbursts anymore.

2. He doesn’t make you feel pretty—not like he used to.

You’ve gotten a little more comfortable around him over the span of your relationship, so you’ve stopped trying to impress him. Less dressy outfits during date night, more white tanks and tattered shorts! That shouldn’t be an excuse for him though to comment about how you look. He used to say things like, “Wow! You look great!” even when you’re wearing pambahay clothes, but now he seems a little rude and says things like “Are you really wearing that?”

3. He stopped making the effort.

You can’t count how many times you’ve made up excuses on why your boyfriend can’t come to your barkada get-togethers and family affairs anymore. Your friends have actually started to question whether you two are still together because you’re never with him.

4. You’re only in it kasi sayang naman.

Everyone loves him–from your dog, your brother’s best friend, to your mom’s kumare. You guys are set for life! And you’ve been together for seven long years, so might as well stick it out kahit na hindi ka na masaya. If you’re down, there’s nowhere to go but up, ‘di ba?

5. Your plans for the next six months DO NOT include him.

You’re constantly thinking of the next thing you want to get into–yoga, calligraphy, maybe a solo road trip to Baguio, yes? It’s sad to think that you might not spend the future with him, but hey, if that will make you happier you might want to think things through and decide if you want to break up with him.

What will life be for you after the breakup? Don’t fret and change things up– post that selfie with your favorite pink lippie he’s always hated, color your hair blonde or red or purple because now you can. While you’re at it, change your other beauty essentials, like your facial wash and switch to Myra Vitawhite facial wash. It has Vitamin E beads, Biowhite Complex and Niacinamide for fresher, whiter skin that glows! Move on to the #NextLevel.

You go, girl!

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