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5 Things Girls Who Prefer To Shop Local Know All Too Well

There's ~always~ a way to help the farmers.
November 27, 2019
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Girls who enjoy shopping local probably already know this, but doing so gives you two kinds of highs—discovering new brands and helping local businesses thrive. If you agree, then your care for your community may have also led you to the following experiences:

1. You’ve become the unofficial spokeswoman for all things local.

Every time you and your BFFs get together, you just can’t help but gush about either the latest Pinoy artisans you’re following on Instagram or the merits of choosing local. You have a long list of alternative local products you're still in the process of convincing your friends to support (you'll get them eventually!). In fact, you’re probably just one step away from handing out pamphlets—locally produced, of course!

2. No accessory is complete without a story.

The earrings you’re wearing, the woven clutch you’re carrying, the pearl clips in your hair—each one has its own backstory that you're kind enough to share every time you get compliments. You wear each accessory with pride knowing that most of the pieces you love come in ~limited~ edition.

3. It’s twice as hard to resist shopping.

Shopping has always been one of your favorite activities, but now it’s doubly hard to resist the urge to splurge because you know that your purchase contributes directly to the local community. But it's a sacrifice you're willing to make.

4. You're slowly becoming an expert on the local economy.

At first, you only wanted to know more about the brands that you like, but things took an interesting turn, didn't they? You started reading about sourcing materials, production, labor, environmental effects, and all the other factors that affect your local community. The more you read about mass consumerism, the more you're convinced that shopping local will save us all.

5. You lose sleep at night thinking about how else to help the farmers.

All your research inevitably led you to read about the plight of our farmers and how they’ve been struggling to make ends meet. You've probably already downloaded the app that lets you buy rice directly from farmers, but you lie awake at night thinking that there must be more ways to help.

Little steps go a long way, especially when you support brands that in turn support local farmers. One such brand is Locally PH, a company that manufactures fruit juices that boast of indigenous flavors sourced from various parts of the country. Try their Locally Superfruits, which come in three different flavors—Dragonfruit (sourced from Baler, Nueva Ecija, and Isabela), Passionfruit (sourced from Quezon), and Mangosteen (sourced from Davao).

Not only will you help farmers sustain their livelihood when you buy Locally Superfruits, each drink comes with numerous health benefits because of its star ingredient. These fruits are not called superfruits just for branding. For one, dragonfruit contains prebiotics that aid in digestion. Passionfruit helps in blood sugar control. Mangosteen promotes antioxidant capacity, which helps protect the body from various diseases.

Grab Locally Superfruits at the nearest grocery store to try it for yourself. Learn more when you follow Locally PH on Facebook and Instagram.

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