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6 Empowering Ways to Celebrate the Inspiring Women in Your Life

This Women’s Month, be #GtoShop and express your admiration for all the strong, fierce and passionate women in your life.
March 10, 2022
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Women should be celebrated all year round, but Women’s Month in March is an extra special time to celebrate the power of women and their contribution to society–be it for public figures or those you hold dear.

There are many ways to honor the empowering women in your life, but it can be a little tricky to score the perfect find that will truly embody what they deserve. Good thing the Internet is filled with ideas, and most of them are also within reach! When you #PayWithGCash, you can get your hands on the perfect gift any time, anywhere online without having to leave the comfort of your home because you’ll always be #GToShop even if you don’t have a credit card.

With GCash giving you the option to skip ATM lines and trips to physical stores, you can spend the time you saved making sure you find the perfect gifts for these amazing women!

If you want to take this month to honor the women in your life–it could be your mother, sister, friend, partner, colleague, suki entrepreneur, go-to hairstylist or gym coach–here are some of the ways to celebrate them this Women’s Month:

1. Let them know they’re beautiful inside and out

Shopping for skincare and makeup is something that some women do all year-round, but take this time to let the women in your life know that you recognize their efforts . They’d be glad to receive a functional, multi-use beauty product that will highlight their features, like Colourette’s Colourtints. Aside from Colourette having a range of shades made for the Filipina skin tones, Colourette is also proudly Filipina-owned!

You can check out Colourette’s Colourtints on their website or checkout using GCash on Lazada. If you’re a first time Lazada user, you can get 90% OFF (max. of 100) without a minimum spend when you purchase on Lazada via app using GCash with voucher code: SHOPLAZ.

2. Invite them to binge-watch a historical TV series

Women’s Month is also a time to reflect on women’s struggles through literature and entertainment. Pachinko, an epic historical novel by Min Jin Lee, follows the story of four generations of a Korean family that immigrated to Japan, and has received praise for portraying institutional racism, stereotypes and power through the lens of an Asian woman. This March, Pachinko is getting a television adaptation on Apple TV+ starring Lee Min Ho. 

Give the gift of education and entertainment by subscribing to Apple TV+ using GCash 

3. Rediscover video games made by women

This month is all for breaking the stereotypes, and this includes celebrating the women who were able to break into the video game industry by creating iconic games. Popular games where women were greatly involved in creation include BioShock (2007), Cities Skylines (2015), and Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020), which is said to be the most inclusive video game to play.

Top up your Steam Wallet and other e-currency of choice through Codashop using GCash.

4. Share good food made by your favorite ‘Tita’

A simple gesture such as sharing home baked goodness could turn somebody’s day around. Share kindness to a woman who you know may be struggling: it can be your acads-ridden sister, your hustling bestie, or a first-time mom you know of. A box of Mary Grace ensaymada and cheese rolls could bring warmth–after all, the famed pastry shop’s Mary Grace is also a real woman: a wife, mother, grandmother and entrepreneur.

You can order Mary Grace products on their website or if you need them within the day, you can have them delivered through foodpanda and pay with GCash. 

5. Power up your fitness goals through weightlifting

‘Lifting weights is only for men’ was so yesterday! The fact that the Philippines' first Olympic gold medal was won by a woman is enough inspiration for you to incorporate weights to your usual workout routine. Invite a friend for a gym date and fulfill your protein needs with Wheyl Nutrition Co.’s Just Whey Protein. This proudly local, all-natural whey protein powder comes in fun flavors including melon, mocha java, double berry, mint chip, matcha, and even boba!

Wheyl’s range of sports nutrition is available on BeautyMNL and you can conveniently check them out using GCash. 

6. Proclaim ‘Women Power!’ by letting them wear it.

Strong women know they can own the world, but once in a while, they need affirmation that they can take up space and do great things. Let them speak words into existence with a statement tee that proclaims courage and power.

Get this statement tee and other fashion staples on Zalora and pay for them conveniently with GCash 

This Women’s Month and beyond, show appreciation for the different women in your life. Be #GToShop and reward yourself and your loved ones with the good things they deserve. If you want to take the celebration further with gadgets, luxury items and other big-ticket purchases, you can also activate your GCredit on your GCash app so you won’t need to load up your e-wallet or use a credit card.

Upgrade your purchasing power and download the GCash app on App Store or Google Play. Get it now and discover why #LifeisG with GCash!

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