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6 Things To Give To Your Girl Squad

Here are gift ideas to make holiday shopping less stressful.
December 19, 2016
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There's a certain excitement that comes with shopping for the holidays. You get to customize your gifts and express your creativity through your carefully curated presents for family and friends.

It can get a bit challenging though, especially when you have so many people to shop for! So here, we give you six gift ideas for the members of your girl squad. 

1. For the homebody. 

She’s that one friend who would rather stay at home instead of partying the night away at the hottest new club in town. Still, you can count on her whenever you need someone to spend late night talks with.

What to give:

Get her something that reflects her warm and caring nature. These flameless candles from Crate and Barrel are perfect for prettifying her home minus the risk of fire!

2. For the style setter.

She's that friend who's always late, but always fashionable. She's your go-to hero when you're in a style rut, and is your personal fashion fairy godmother. 

What to give:

Give her this red sweater from Sfera which she can flaunt on her next holiday party. This sweater shift dress is all kinds of merry and will definitely make her the belle of the ball. 

3. For the makeup obsessed.

For this girl, makeup is life. Don't know the best nude lipstick shade for your skin tone? This girl always has your back when it comes to all things beauty. 

What to give:

What better way to show your love for her than helping her take care of her skin? These facial cleansers from The Body Shop will surely make it to her list of beauty essentials. 

4. For the creative gal. 

She may be messy AF but her hidden tiny tattoos give away her fun and colorful personality. She's the one you turn to when you're running low on creative juices.  

What to give:

This girl is anything but basic. Give her something quirky to express her personality. She's probably the only girl in your squad who can pull off a pizza shirt too TBH. 

5. For the jetsetter. 

She’s the hardest friend to pin down when planning your next get-together because one minute she’s leaving for Boracay and the next thing you know she’s back in Bangkok for a backpacking trip. 

What to give:

This gal will love to wear anything comfy. Get her something she can bring with her on her next trip like this nylon jacket from Uniqlo and she'll love you forever.

6. For the happy-go-lucky soul. 

You’ll always have that one friend in your squad who goes with the flow and leaves the decision making to everyone—from choosing which restaurant to eat or what movie to watch. You just love how carefree and relaxed she is, though it can be a real challenge when thinking of the perfect gift to give her!

What to give: 

If you're running out of ideas (and time!) for your gift, the best way to deal is to give her the freedom to shop for whatever she wants. SM Gift Cards are absolutely perf for her! These gift cards can be availed in number of stores including The SM Store, SM Markets, Uniqlo,  Forever 21, Sports Central, The Body Shop, Crate & Barrel, and so much more!

But did you know that all members of your girl squad can buy all the mentioned items above with an SM Gift Card? If you want to spare yourself from all the brainstorming or you just want to Netflix and chill instead of joining the crazy holiday shopping rush (we won't judge you, TBH), you can just opt to give all your girls this nifty gift. It's perfect because you basically give them the gift of choice—and you can never go wrong with that!

Learn more about where to get, and where to use your SM Gift Card, by clicking here.  

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