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How to Stay Sane During the Christmas Rush

Keep your cray at bay.
December 15, 2017
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As much as we love celebrating the holiday season, the one thing we just can't seem to look forward to every time December comes is the Christmas rush. Everything just takes longer: the lines at the mall, the commute or drive home, even our mobile phones' network signal is slower.

You can sulk and complain, or you can do something about it. When the Christmas rush becomes too much to handle, here are some things you can do to keep your cray at bay:

Buy your Christmas gifts online.

We all know how bad the traffic gets this time of year—both on the road and in the malls. Rather than waste time stuck in the car or in line, save yourself the hassle and do your last-minute Christmas shopping online, from the comfort of home. Get it done sooner by preparing a gift list beforehand.

Plan a Secret Santa with your barkada.

Secret Santas aren’t just fun; they make gift giving so much easier and more affordable. Decide on a budget and get everyone to write two to three items on their wish list. This way, you can get them something you know they’ll love without having to splurge on anything expensive. It’s perfect for us matipid girls!

Check out your crush on social media.

One thing to look forward to this season? Being able to see new photos of your crush! With all the holiday festivities happening, you can bet he’ll be uploading a bunch of selfies on social media (hopefully without some girl beside him). That cutie’s smile just might ease the pain of having to go through the rush.

Keep track of all your holiday get-togethers.

Now is a good time to catch up with friends and plan reunions, and that seems to be exactly what everyone in Manila is thinking. But when it comes to friends you haven't seen all year, no Christmas rush should be too bad. But if you want to avoid getting stuck in heavy traffic or crowded restaurants with long waiting lists, avoid planning get-togethers on weekends and try your best to schedule during off-peak times.

Have a snack so you don’t go hangry.

Shopping during the holidays can be a pain: People are rowdier, the lines are longer, and items are much harder to find. Even more so if you’re hungry. Make sure to bring a snack with you to keep your stomach satisfied and your temper in check.

Explore new apps on your phone.

Fun apps can help keep you entertained (and sane) while lining up at the cashier. Looking for a new app to try? Check out Magic Crackers, an all-in-one app that keeps you updated on the latest events and promos from Magic Crackers. It also packs in a lot of exciting games, like Magic Match, a puzzle game with up to 360 levels to beat!

If you’re into music, you can try Magic Beats and have a go at being a virtual DJ. The app also offers exclusive content featuring John Lloyd Cruz, so the more you play, the more JLC you get!

Prepare for the rush and download Magic Crackers on the App Store or Google Play now. For more information, visit Magic Cracker on Facebook.

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