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7 Things Guys Have Been Dying To Know About Girls

See things from his POV!
July 11, 2017
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As much as we want to say that we're all human, there still are times when a guy's brain could not be any farther from the female mind. We asked guys about what ~*girl things*~ they've always been curious about, and here's what they said:

1. Why do girls take forever to get ready?

"We get that you have to do your hair and makeup before picking out what to wear and which bag to bring—but time is gold, you know?"

2. Why do girls have so much makeup?

"Girls always say that they have a signature shade or that they've found the perfect red/nude/pink lipstick, but they actually have 20 more of the same color. One time, my girlfriend swatched two lipsticks on her arm and asked me which I liked better. I said I preferred the one on the right, but TBH, they looked exactly the same."

3. What is PMS like?

"We all have bad days—hey, guys get migraines too—but why does it feel like PMS is on a totally different level? And how is it different from the actual menstruation? Does it really turn you into a completely different person? Luckily, I wouldn't need to go as far as swapping bodies with a girl to find out thanks to this video."

"I guess there's more to girlhood than having to rely on normal pads to hold everything in—switching to longer and wider pads like Modess All Night does make a real difference. I am beginning to understand what you girls go through during your periods. Still, I have so many questions!!!"

4. Why do girls wear heels if they know it will hurt?

"One of my peeves is seeing this impeccably dressed girl turn into a grouch after 0.352 seconds of wearing her "favorite" and "super comfy" pair of heels. Someone needs to explain this. Do comfy heels actually exist or is this just something girls say?"

5. How can girls deal with waxing all the time?

"Shaving is hard enough, but waxing? How do you get used to that? Having hair routinely ripped from your body is a form of torture. Has society done that to us? Have we done it to ourselves?"

6. How do we know when girls are faking it?

"Here it is: the touchy male ego asks the all-important question. There's so much fluff and misinformation out there, and it would really help if girls could enlighten us about this?"

7. Why do girls go to the bathroom together?

"This happens all the time. One girl says she's going to the CR and the next thing you know, all the girls have left the table and gone to the CR. What's the logic behind this? Does your friend need a pep talk? Do you need her to hold your purse as you put on makeup? Does her presence affect your pee? Most importantly, are we guys missing something by not doing this with our bros?"

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