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8 Quotes You Need To Live The Fun, Fearless Life

These are what fun, fearless girls are made of. Take note, CGs!
June 27, 2015
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Yes, we still can’t get enough of all the #GVs from Cosmo’s Fun, Fearless Life Event! From the on-the-spot job interview by GrabTaxi Operations Manager Natasha Bautista to the travel game by CEO April Cuenca, these Fun, Fearless Girls of Whisper definitely know how to win the Game of Life with positivity and confidence. Check out their inspiring mantras that will push you to go further!

"Life belongs to the brave." -April Cuenca

April dove into the world of travel as an amateur tour guide until she realized that she wanted to see beautiful, unseen places of the Philippines. Because for her, life starts when you dare to jump out of your comfort zone and take the fearless path.

"Success stories come from those who've made great mistakes." -Natasha Bautista

Mistakes shape us to be tougher, smarter, and better than ever. Learn from them and move forward and up. Natasha was a clueless college graduate, who called herself a "nobody" in school. But that didn't stop her from pursuing a professional modeling career, even when she was painfully shy.

"Travel with no expectations." -April Cuenca

April celebrates the surprises that come with traveling. After all, letting the world unfold right before your eyes is the cherry on top of the journey. Apply this to your daily life and you’ll be less stressed and more #blessed.

"Be comfortable in your own skin." -Natasha Bautista

Don’t be afraid to be YOU. Back when Natasha was modeling for glossies and commercials, she embraced her unique chinita beauty. Now that she’s a girl boss in a male-dominated industry, she still has no qualms of being the tough-but-approachable alpha female in the office. Do this and you’ll realize that you’ll be beyond okay doing what you do best—shining as your own true self.

"Go local." - April Cuenca


"Accidents are no mistakes." - Natasha Bautista

Thanks to her modeling gigs abroad, Natasha met and became friends with MyTeksi's founder in Malaysia. MyTeksi is a mobile app that lets you travel safely in a cab. The company offered her an internship in Malaysia which soon led to her to bring it to Manila as GrabTaxi.

"Treat yourself." - April Cuenca

April says that she tries to make the most out of her vacay by trying out food she's never eaten before. It's really all about the experience.

"I used to be a B-student, but that doesn't mean I'm a B-person." - Natasha Bautista

Who’s an A+ Cosmo girl? YOU! Who’s fun and fearless? YOU! Who run the world? YOU!

How awesome are these girls, right?! Want to know what pushes them to go further even on red days? Whisper! With its 12-hour protection, there’s no stopping these girls from being fun, fearless, and fabulous. Start living your best life with Whisper Cottony Long by grabbing a pack from

Check out what else went down at the Fun Fearless Life event by clicking on the gallery below.

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