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8 Ways To Have The Best Summer Ever Without Leaving The City

No summer plans? No problem!
May 25, 2015
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Not everyone is #blessed to have summer plans out of the city (or the country). But just because you’re ~*doomed*~ to stay in the metro doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. Here, we give you eight #MoreThanTheUsual ways to turn lazy summer days into adventures you won’t forget.

1. Get a makeover

Bored with your growing lob and natural hair color? Run to the salon and get the look you’ve always wanted. Girl, you can totally rock that pixie cut and blonde 'do. Go for it!

2. Host a BBQ party in your backyard

So you missed out on #Laboracay? It’s cool. Invite a bunch of your closest friends over and spend an afternoon with laughter, music, and good food. While you’re at it, up your party game and bring in an inflatable pool with water toys, set up your own photo booth, and get your tans by laying your beach towels on the lawn. (Don’t skip the sunscreen, though!)

3. Do a pub crawl

Instead of hanging out in just one bar on a Saturday night, why don’t you do a pub crawl? Hop from one bar to another and who knows who you’ll bump into?

4. Go on a city ~*road trip*~

So your friends live in Alabang and you live in Fairview, which means you never get to see each other anymore. Spend a day exploring unfamiliar territories. Don’t forget to pack your favorite chips for the loooong drive!

5. Experiment in the kitchen

Make summer snacks with a twist! Make your salad more fun by sprinkling on crushed Granny Goose Tortillos chips over it instead of boring old croutons, spike your lemonade with a splash of alcohol, and freeze your coffee in ice cube trays.

6. Go window shopping

Run to the mall and go to all the stores you love. Only, challenge yourself to buy absolutely nothing.

7. Host a themed slumber party

Remember the good old days in high school when sleepovers were your barkada’s thing? Relive your favorite memories by rounding up the girls and having an epic sleepover at your place. Make sure to bring a ton of snacks, like your favorite potato chips: Kornets, Tortillos, Pop’N Chips, dip, soda, beer, and more!

8. Do a fashion challenge with your BFFs

Hit the mall or the tiangge with your BFFs and give yourselves a challenge: shop for a complete outfit with a set budget.

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