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Here's How You Can Be Good At Adulting Even When You're Too Tamad To Function

You'll even get rewards.
February 19, 2020
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Adulting isn’t just about having a job. It comes with so many responsibilities. While you can’t always resort to curling up in a ball and leaving your duties to fate, you can still make adulting your thing with less hassle and more rewards to reap. PayMaya’s #BalikBayad campaign in collaboration with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla helps you stay on top of adulting while letting you earn back some cash ASAP. Here’s how: 

1. Pay your bills.

Forget long lines at payment centers. You can easily pay your bills through the app. Aside from skipping lines and saving more time, you can also get cashback when you pay for a number of bills at the same time, too.

2. Shop online for clothing and other essentials.

Online shopping has made it easier to buy a ton of items instantly, whether it’s new clothes, gadgets, or beauty products. While cash-on-delivery is a popular payment option, it’s not exactly convenient. If you don’t have a credit card, PayMaya is a good option for cashless payments online. It gives users a 16-digit card number which you can use to conveniently pay for your purchases, without having to whip out cash. There are even some merchants that only require you to input the mobile number linked to your PayMaya account so you can easily pay for your item, making online shopping so much easier and secure.

What makes it even better is apart from the convenience is that you also get cashback when you pay with PayMaya, making it an even more rewarding shopping experience.

3. Shop for groceries.

Going to the grocery can sometimes be a chore. You have to wait through long lines, carry heavy shopping bags, and make sure you have enough cash to pay at the end of the queue. But if you forget to withdraw some money, don’t panic! You can use your phone to pay for your groceries.

Grocery stores like Landers, Rustans Supermarket, Shopwise, Robinsons Supermarket, Super8, Wellcome, Metro Gaisano, and many more already accept QR payment. Your fave fast food chains, department stores, gasoline stations, and even drugstores, also accept this convenient payment option.

With PayMaya’s Scan-to-Pay option, you can scan the merchant’s QR code, enter the amount you’re paying, then tap the pay button to finish your transaction and enjoy cashback rewards and exclusive deals.

4. Send money to your loved ones.

Being an adult means helping out your parents by paying for some of the household’s expenses, buying gifts for your inaanak, and even sending your siblings some extra pocket money just because. Do these easily by upgrading your PayMaya account—you’ll be able to send money to your loved ones in just a few taps on your smartphone. No need to endure the traffic or long lines at the bank. 

5. Commute at ease.

Need to look fresh when you arrive at your destination? Book a trip with your fave ride-hailing app and pay using the app for a breezy commute. With your PayMaya on-hand, there’s no need to worry if you have enough cash in your wallet. Just make sure you have enough funds in your account, and enjoy a ride to your destination, worry-free! 

Every time you pay with PayMaya, may balik sa’yo. So download the PayMaya app now and use the code, PayMayaKathNiel, upon registration to instantly earn P50 in your account. To know more about PayMaya's #BalikBayad campaign, and how you can get all of these exciting perks from PayMaya, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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