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10 Shopping Hacks You Need To Master NOW

Here’s some shopping 411 for you!
December 07, 2015
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Before you swipe that BDO Debit Card (yes, you can just shop and swipe—no need to bring cash) for your fave brand’s TDF holiday collection or for a much-needed holiday shopping spree, here’s some shopping 411 for you. Better take notes!

1. Visit your go-to brand’s social media accounts.

Window shopping these days is made easier, as most brands have already set up their website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. You just need to click to see their latest collections. This way, you’ll be the first to know about their upcoming sales, and you’ll get dibs on what’s hot in their stores.

2. Look for discounts.

You don’t need to wait for a sale announcement just to score good discounts. Whether it’s an online store or an actual shop in the mall, look around, and ask if they’re offering discounted items. You’ll be surprised to see a rack full of ah-mazing, 50% off items!

3. Know that all good things take time.

Want to have a closet full of stuff that you’ll love forever? Try on everything that you put in your shopping cart! We swear, that romper might look good from afar, but you’ll see it better if you’re actually wearing the piece.

4. Look for an altering station that's always happy to help you.

Dying to have that top on sale but the only size left is too big for you? Buy it! This is the time when you need to realize the importance of tailoring in your life. A little resizing here and there can go a long way to make that large-size top work for you.

5. Master your measurements.

When you go online shopping, it will be soooooo much easier if you know your measurements from head to toe. They usually include the chest, waist, and hip measurements in the product info. You need to know this now, so you’ll have a quicker and easier online shopping experience!

6. Shop alone.

Having a shopping buddy can be fun, but shopping alone helps you get a better grasp of your own style. And girl, at this age, you need to have the confidence to know what works on your body. Shop it, wear it, and werq it!

7. Check out your own closet before you shop.

“OMG, wala palang bagay na top or shoes sa skirt na binili ko!’’ Too familiar? Before going crazy shopping for new clothes, check your closet first for an inventory of your clothes’ color palette, patterns, and cuts. This will give you ideas on how to mix and match your old clothes with your fresh-off-the-rack items.

8. Prioritize needs over wants.

At the end of the day, self-control is the best way to shop smartly. It’s not bad to indulge yourself with the finest things in life, but you need to have good decision-making skills, so you can always be in control of your finances.

9. Shop with your BDO Debit Card.

Don't want to carry too much cash? Use your BDO Debit Card to indulge! It’s not just made for ATM transactions, it’s meant to be your shopping buddy, too!

10. 12MN is the best time for online shopping.

Love to shop online? Here’s a tip: Some online shops launch new deals by 12MN. So if you want to be the first to click the buy button, visit your go-to online shop before hitting the sack. Want another tip? No need to feel discouraged from shopping online just because you don’t have a credit card. You can also use your BDO Debit Card for online transactions*. Yes, it’s possible with BDO!

*For MasterCard and Visa Debit Cards only.

Four more things you need to know about BDO Debit Card: 1) You can use it almost anywhere—when you shop, dine out, buy groceries, gas up and more!  2) It’s convenient because you don’t need to fall in line to withdraw and get cash, 3) It’s widely accepted at over 40 million establishments worldwide, and 4) There are no additional payments or purchases required. Excited to get one? Click here to know more!

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