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5 Ways To Help You Communicate Better At Work

These tried-and-tested tips will help you speak and write more effectively.
November 13, 2019
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Whether you're a new hire or a manager, every working Pinay knows the importance of effective communication in the workplace. After all, having clear and open communication helps create a peaceful working environment, which in turn makes success and productivity more likely. In fact, experts agree that skilled communicators make strong leaders in the workplace. Below are five tips on how to upgrade your speaking and writing skills.

1. Write clear and concise emails.

Flowery, verbose messages will only confuse your colleagues, and run the risk of slowing down productivity. Keep your language simple and don’t forget to proofread before hitting send.

2. Slow down your speech.

When speaking in front of your team, go for a low pitch and smooth rhythm—this helps you sound calmer and more authoritative. There are many exercises that you can do to help you enunciate your words more clearly. One is to take steady, deep breaths as you talk; this helps manage your nerves and pace your words better.

3. Pay attention to body language.

When in a meeting, stand or sit up straight to appear more confident. When it's your turn to speak or present, get everyone's attention by establishing eye contact at all times.

Similarly, observe the body language of your colleagues and employees. Are they feeling agitated or upset? Paying attention to these nonverbal cues can help you detect underlying problems and concerns, and help your employees gain your trust.

4. Use visuals.

When giving a presentation or sending out newsletters, use apps like Keynote, Powerpoint, or Prezi. Work with your in-house artists and designers, and make fun and creative materials that are easily absorbed and understood.

5. Be receptive to feedback.

Encourage your team to give feedback on your leadership style and communication techniques. Upon receiving criticism, focus on developing and executing solutions. Studies show that effective communication entails listening, validating, and adapting to the feelings of your colleagues and subordinates. They're more likely to do the same when they see it from their superior.


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