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5 Ways To Prove To Your Boss (And Yourself) That You Deserve A Promotion

You’re ready for way more responsibilities, and you need to make sure your boss knows it.
December 05, 2018
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You’ve been with your company for a few years now and you think it’s high time for a promotion. But keep in mind: It’s not just loyalty that will land you that new title, it’s also character and what you can contribute to the company. Below, a list of ways you can get on your boss’s radar for that promotion:

1. Share your career goals.

It’s important to have career goals for yourself, but don’t keep those goals floating around in your headcommunicate them to your boss. Sit down with her and discuss your professional career goals with specific sub-tasks that can help concretize them. If your manager is a good boss, she’ll help you grow by directing opportunities your way to keep you on track. That means assigning you to special projects, so you’ll build new skills, too.

2. Be a team player.

It’s important for you to be able to cooperate and contribute towards the greater good of your team. This shows that you’re not only efficient, but that you’re also a team player and easy to get along with. Your boss will notice and appreciate this. Remember, leaders think of their team first and prioritize the growth of each member; your boss needs to see that in you before you rise a level higher.  

3. Volunteer for more responsibilities.

If you’re balancing your current tasks well, consider taking on more. Never limit yourself to what’s in your job description. If there’s something that needs tending to (like making other people’s work easier) and you’re qualified for the task, volunteer. Your initiative helps you stand out and makes your boss think more highly of you. Just make sure you handle your responsibilities first so you don’t come off as an attention seeker or people pleaser.

4. Never complain. Avoid being negative.

Whining can add a lot of negative energy to the room. If you speak negatively, it’s likely that your coworkers will think that you’re toxic to work with, or you’ll influence them to be negative too—this is not good for the team and the company, so it’s not something a good leader would do. When something bothers you, take a deep breath, clear your mind, and do your best to get the work done. If you need to vent, turn to your friend or your mom for a good ranting session.

5. Ask questions.

Asking questions isn’t a bad thing since it shows your bosses and your colleagues that you’re genuinely open to learning and gaining new skills. If you’re doing this already, the next step is to keep the answers in mind and show you’re learning.

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