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6 Amazing Jobs You Didn't Know Actually Existed

If you're looking for a career switch, these #MoreThanTheUsual jobs may be for you.
July 06, 2015
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Tired of your boring nine-to-five desk job? Sick of dealing with numbers and spreadsheets all day long? Want to make some profit out of your passion? Girl, it might be time for a career shift. Here, we give you six #MoreThanTheUsual jobs that is definitely a far cry from where you are right now.

1. Ice Cream Tester

Love food? Make sure to include this the next time you go job hunting. Professional ice cream taste testers have the really tough job of trying out flavors to help companies develop new flavors—and they get paid for it. Sure, you run the risk of putting on a few pounds, but hey, someone's gotta do it!

2. Property Caretaker

If you live for travel and adventure, this one's for you. With any luck, you could end up like U.K. native Ben Southall, who became a caretaker for the luxurious Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. As part of a campaign to promote tourism in Queensland, Southall explored the island and reported on his extraordinary adventures. If island life isn't your thing, you can look into other properties, like cabin lodges and castles. Seriously, castles. How's that for a dream office?

3. Ethical Hacker
Techie and social media-savvy girls can use their skills to become ethical or "white hat" hackers. Your main task will be to protect computer systems and solve various IT problems. It'll also be your job to stop hackers from penetrating networks! Sounds like a job on CSI, right?

4. Master Sommelier a.k.a. Pro Wine Taster

No college degree is required for this job, only love and extensive knowledge about wine. This position is usually offered by upscale and posh restaurants, where the sommelier is tasked to help customers with their choice of wine. Fancy!

5. Water Slide Tester
Applicants must be 1) comfortable with heights, 2) eager for a daily adrenaline rush, and 3) ready to get wet! Testers are hired to check for safety issues, and of course, to find out how big a splash every slide is going to make. BRB, updating our resumés.

6. Face Feeler

With the one million skincare products out in the market, someone has to test if they work! A face feeler literally tests how soft and smooth a person's skin becomes after using a certain product. Any beauty girls out there interested?

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