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6 Successful Women On The Things They Can’t Leave The House Without

Take a memo, CGs.
July 01, 2017
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Every girl boss knows that opportunities are everywhere, which means it’s crucial to always be on your A-game. And no, we’re not telling you to rock power suits and five-inch heels on a daily basis; instead, we’re just encouraging you to find your anchor—the one thing you need to give you the confidence to lead. To give you a little ~inspiration~, we asked eight fearless Pinays to share what they never leave the house without:

“I never leave my condo without oil blotting sheets. It was first introduced to me in grade school, and it was love (and magic) at first sight talaga. It works so well—a gift from the heavens for someone born with an almost offensively oily complexion. Not only do oil blotters make me look more put together, but it also puts me in a better mood.”

Daphne, 26

“Nudes lippies may be in, but nothing makes me feel more alive and ready to dominate than a matte, red lipstick. All my doubts and insecurities go away as soon as I put it on, and then I get sh*t done. Some might say it’s too ~extra~ but IDGAF. T-Swift knows what’s up.” – Reg, 31

“I’ve always been a bookworm. Reading is something I always make time for. When I’m not busy killing it at work, you’ll probably find me in a café near my office with my head buried in a book. That said, I always have a novel in my purse. When I’m feeling haggard, reading helps me retreat from the real world, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. And I always feel refreshed and ready to get back to work afterwards.” – Sandra, 24

“It’s such a cliché, but I never go anywhere without my phone. I’m a Type A working woman and without my planner, I feel naked. And yes, I check my emails even while I’m on vacation. #SorryNotSorry” – Mia, 30

“To say that my job keeps me busy is the understatement of the year. In my line of work, I’m almost always in a meeting—with my team, with my supervisor, or with prospective clients. I don’t have time to slow down, and I feel more comfortable being really involved in projects. It's a bummer though whenever I get problems like sore throat. I swear by Kamillosan since it helps me deal with it even before it worsens. I also just reach for it to relieve dry and itchy throat—something that is pretty common if you're in my line of work. It’s a total game-changer.” – Clarissa, 29

“I have a lot of late nights, which unfortunately means that my skin doesn’t always cooperate with me; I get zits and purple bags under my eyes. I depend so much on concealer so I make sure I never run out. And every girl knows how difficult it is to find a perfect match, so it’s not like I can just easily buy a tube if I forget my go-to concealer at home. It’s one of my must-haves, especially when I have a big presentation or an important meeting.” – Tricia, 27

Though seemingly cut from the same cloth, these women all have very different confidence boosters. Discover what powers you through the day and soon, you’ll be running this town alongside these bold, successful women.

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