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7 Passion Projects You Can Do While Having A Day Job

Take a break from your routine and discover what makes you come alive.
July 07, 2017
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Most of us already work incredibly hard. Factoring in Manila’s horrible traffic, not everyone has the time or energy to take on another job on the side. And by the time we get to the weekend, we just want to lie in bed and stay there for 48 hours. But a side hustle can actually be a comforting and even convenient thing. While everyone wants to land their ~dream~ job, the truth is, your full-time career and passion project don’t need to be one and the same; sometimes, it’s better that they’re not.

Even those lucky enough to be doing what they love can experience burnout. To keep that from happening, make sure your eggs aren’t all in one basket. Mix it up and find something you’re unabashedly excited about. Here are some ideas to help you break away from your daily routine:

1. Go behind the lens.

Got an old camera collecting dust in the corner of your bedroom? Take it out of retirement, and see if you still get a rush from capturing the perfect photo. Practice on your family and friends first to build your portfolio. And if we’re being honest, your phone’s probably already full of food shots and selfies anyway so you might as well put that skill to good use.

2. Assist a fashion stylist.

Ask any stylist and they’ll tell you that the job involves long hours and a lot of stress. But if fashion is your form of expression, then there’s no better way to learn than to seek a mentor who’ll show you the ropes and teach you the latest trends.

3. Make your ~influencer dreams~ come true.

Some argue that the toughest part of starting your own blog is sitting down and creating it. After that, the Internet can help you learn all about editing, branding, design, marketing, and establishing a social media presence. At the end of a long day at work, you might find blogging to be almost therapeutic.

4. Put your party planner hat on.

If you embrace your Type A personality, and you thrive on making other people happy, consider becoming a party planner. After all, what’s better than being surrounded by laughter and cake while earning a little extra on the side? Nothing.

5. Get crafty.

Producing something one-of-a-kind is what’s keeping the DIY trend alive. Whether it’s making your own jewelry or designing a bag line, crafting—and art in general—soothes the soul. Why do you think adult coloring books became a thing? Channel your inner six-year-old, and let your imagination run wild.

6. Whip up something in the kitchen.

Learning how to cook has a lot of perks. For one thing, you get to fuel your body correctly. But cooking is also a great outlet for your creativity. It elevates your taste by allowing you to try new recipes and play with different ingredients. A good meal, after all, can do wonders for both your appetite and soul.

7. Build a travel community.

Find people who are as adventurous as you are and explore new territories together. Most people say they want to travel, but very few put in the effort to make it happen—it takes serious organization and coordination skills. But by building a community of travelers, you hold each other accountable.

To truly distance ourselves from the mediocrity of everyday life, we have to be willing to take risks and embrace the unknown. Change your routine by adding something fresh to your life like Sunburst Select’s new flavors: Fuji Apple, Yuzu Lemon, Ponkan, and Blood Orange. Each flavor offers something different to inspire you throughout your chosen passion project. Trust us, you and your routine will never be the same again.

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