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7 Working Girls Share How They Deal With Bad Days

How do *you* deal with a bad day?
May 24, 2017
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Sometimes there’s just no escaping a really long day—or even week—at work. When hump days become your every day, it certainly takes a lot out of you. Here’s how some real lady bosses get by and de-stress when the going gets tough:

My shift starts really early so depending on how bad the situation is at work, stress can come as early as 6 a.m. Some days are extra challenging, especially with the concurrent client demands. When all is done, I treat myself to some wine and re-runs [of my favorite TV show].” - Gratz, IT Specialist, 33

Apart from the regular court appearances, what’s really stressful about this job are all the memos and pleadings that must be written. Most of them are rushed, too, so stress levels do tend to rise exponentially with the amount of work I have to do. To counter this, I de-stress by working out. Also, wine.” - Ina, Lawyer, 33

I used to smoke when stressed, but since I quit, I now mostly resort to just chewing my new favorite candy, Mentos Incredible Chew. It’s great ‘cause it’s soft enough to give you more of that chewing action, and with longer-lasting flavor too!” - Mabie, Marketing Manager, 33

There’s nothing that a freezing glass of beer can’t solve. If I don’t have an ice cold stash at home, I go to my local hangout bar. If there’s no beer available, a half gallon of vanilla ice cream should do the trick.” - Carmina, Project Manager, 33

How do you unwind on crazy days, CGs? For a quick fix, #ChewsIncredible with Mentos Incredible Chew, now available in supermarkets and convenience stores near you! You can also order it online via Lazada.

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