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8 Work Habits That Can Make You A Girl Boss

Take notes, CGs!
September 30, 2016
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Settling when it comes to your job is one career decision you should never do. If you’ve been stuck in the same old position for years now and have no idea how to get out of that rut, then it's time you take action and tell yourself that #ICanBeBetter. Here, we rounded up 8 work habits that will help you achieve that #GirlBoss status in no time:

1. Dress to impress.

Not only will a sharp look give you confidence to face your bosses and clients, it will also help you leave a good impression. Just look at Andy from The Devil Wears Prada! And ICYDK, people who show up at work wearing provocative or wrinkled outfits are less likely to land a promotion. 

2. Remove mediocrity from your vocabulary.

Doing an okay job won’t cut it in this dog-eat-dog world. If you really want to stand out, do your research and ask around. You can also enroll in special classes or take those free seminars online. Trust us, mediocrity will get you nothing but an entry level position.

3. Always put your best foot forward.

Aside from knowing the ins and outs of your job, you also need good work ethics if you want to get ahead of the pack. So report to work on time, act professional, and do more of what is expected of you. 

4. Mind your manners.

Treat everyone—from your superiors to your colleagues to the janitors and guards—with respect. Say please and thank you, smile often, and veer away from office dramas.

5. Make your presence known and build connections.

You’ll never get that promotion if your boss doesn’t know you exist, so better start stepping up to the plate. Also befriend your colleagues and be ready to give them a helping hand. You’ll never know when you’ll need their help back.

6. Say yes to challenges.

Stepping out of your comfort zone may sound scary, but staying stuck where you are is more terrifying. So challenge yourself by taking on more daunting tasks, volunteering to lead a project, or mentoring your intern. It’s a great way to show the higher-ups what you’re capable for.

7. Drop the excuses.

Let’s say the task you took on fell flat on its face. Instead of complaining and making up excuses, take responsibility for your actions. Don’t dwell on it, though. Use it as a learning experience and an opportunity to improve. 

8. Always be on the lookout for better career opportunities.

If you’re tired of the same old routine or if you’re no longer growing as an employee, maybe it’s time to make some changes. You can look for other companies, try for a new position, or change your career altogether. Good thing taking that huge step is easy with Now, you no longer have to print hundreds of CVs, brave long lines, and spend money on transportation. Just sign up, create your online resume, and voila! You're ready for your next career move!

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