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What *Exactly* Can You Get With Credit Card Rewards Points?

FYI, they could fund your next vacay.
November 27, 2019
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The world of credit cards presents an exciting gateway of opportunities, but you may only be scratching the surface if you use it just to pay your bills, groceries, and retail finds. ICYDK, most credit cards today include a rewards program that lets you earn points through your purchases and use them to claim discounts, rebates, and more from your bank’s partner retailers. Here are just some of the things you can get when you accumulate enough points: 

1. Your Next Vacay

It’s hard not to fantasize about taking a leave from work and jet-setting to Japan or Korea. While the cherry blossoms won’t wait for anyone, that doesn’t mean you have to blow your savings to book a flight ASAP. All those purchases and payments you’ve been putting on your credit card? Those convert into reward points you can use as air miles, which you can use to fund your airfare. Arigato gozaimasou, credit card, and saranghaeyo!

2. A Fancy Dinner Date

One of the most common ways to use your reward points is by converting them into restaurant discounts. Establishments can range from casual, like a hot pot, samgyupsal, or ramen bar, to fine dining, like a five-course dinner. Don’t wait for your date to ask you out to a fancy restaurant; make the first move instead and flex your reward points straight to his heart.

3. Your Gadget Upgrade

Cellphones, mirrorless cameras, and tablets are undoubtedly becoming more and more expensive—to the point where it’s nearly impossible to keep up. But with your reward points, you can avail of discounts and vouchers from select appliance and electronic stores so you can finally purchase the mobile device you’ve been eyeing. No need to use up all the money you’ve been saving when your credit card points can cover a portion of your purchase.

4. A Better Lifestyle

Commitment and dedication to a healthy lifestyle is something you can’t buy, but you can purchase what you need to get you motivated and jumpstart the change. If you’ve been dreaming of adjusting your daily routine by hitting the gym after work, you can avail of discounts from sports and active stores to buy your fitness essentials.

5. A Non-Payday Splurge

Most of your paycheck goes to your monthly expenses and, quite often, your wants will be your last priority. This is where your unused credit card rewards come in. Using your points when you shop allows you to get your purchases at a discount and extinguishes the guilt you might have when you make a non-payday purchase. Think of it this way: It’s like your past self is paying for your future self.

There are a lot of advantages to owning and using a credit card. If you’re seriously looking into applying for one, it’s important to look for credit cards that have benefits and rewards programs that appeal to your lifestyle. With a Metrobank Card, you can prioritize payments and purchase needs while accumulating points that can be applied to your corresponding goals. If you're an avid traveler, apply for the Metrobank Travel Platinum to earn one reward point for every P20 spent, and one air mile for every P17 spent overseas and on airline and hotel accommodations. If you love deals, apply for the Femme Signature Visa to earn one point for every P20 spent and triple points when you spend on accommodations, hospital bills, salons, spas, and all overseas purchases. You can use these points to redeem items from Metrobank's partner merchants or donate to the ICANSERVE Foundation Inc.

From October 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, you can get a P500 McDonald’s eGC with your P50,000 minimum single-receipt installment purchase using your Metrobank Card. Promo is valid for all Metrobank credit cards except Metrobank ON Internet Mastercard, Metrobank Dollar Mastercard, YAZZ Prepaid Visa, and Metrobank debit and prepaid cards.

Find out more about Metrobank Cards by visiting and view the countless rewards you can avail with a Metrobank Card here. Apply for a Metrobank Card through Mia Of Metrobank Card on Facebook Messenger or visit

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