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FYI: You Can Now Use Your Mobile Number To Pay For Stuff You Bought Online

You’ll love this if you hate fumbling with debit or credit card numbers.
December 14, 2019
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The mega online sales may be over, but who are we kidding—our love for online shopping isn't going away soon. Who doesn't love getting their haul of new lippies and face masks with just a few taps on their phone without even having to go outside? But for all its convenience, shopping online has its downsides, too. Keeping track of debit and credit numbers can be a real hassle, and don't get us started on always needing to have cash on you for when the delivery person pops on your doorstep.

Enter PayMaya's new service: Pay with PayMaya! There's no need for plastics or hard cash with this setup; all you need is a PayMaya account and a registered mobile number. Here's how to do it: 

  1. When you're done shopping at your favorite online shop, choose the Online Payment/Debit Card option. You'll be redirected to the PayMaya Checkout page where you can click the “Pay with PayMaya” button.
  2. Log in using your PayMaya mobile number and password. You'll receive a One-Time-PIN (OTP) on your phone.
  3. Enter the OTP on the webpage to verify and complete your transaction.

If you don't have a PayMaya account yet, just visit their website or download the app via Google Play or App StoreBut if you've already cracked your knuckles getting ready for your next purchase, why not try the following items:

A skincare treat: Garnier Moisture Bomb Lavender Hydrating Face Sheet Mask

A stylish new wallet: T TAHARI Clutch Buff Wallet Canyon

A makeup kit must-have: Instant, No-Rinse, Hypoallergenic Brush Cleaner

You can use Pay with PayMaya to shop at your favorite online stores: Landers, Rustans, VMV Hypoallergenics, Rose Pharmacy, and more! 

Learn more about Pay with PayMaya and all the other deals available for your online shopping convenience when you visit this link and follow PayMaya on Facebook

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