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How Saving Money Now Is The Ultimate Way To #TreatYoSelf

It's time to make better decisions your future self will thank you for.
July 11, 2018
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These days, when the world encourages you to #TreatYoSelf or #LoveYourself, we often think about going on vacation or making that big-ticket purchase. It's easy to oblige because we know we deserve to enjoy our lives to the fullest and be in the moment. But one thing that's better than treating yourself now is making sure you can still treat yourself to even bigger splurges in the future, and the best way to make that happen is to invest.

While you absolutely have the right to spend on what you want right now, you also have a future to think about. Here are a few reasons why you should consider splitting your hard-earned money between your next splurge and the investment that could make your future self (and your mama) proud.

Now is not the only time to invest in experiences.

Spending on experiences now is well and good, but making sure you can experience more in the future is even better. This may be the last thing on your mind, but starting a retirement fund in your 20s just might be the financial move that can lead to some awesome vacays and a beach house for your future self. Delaying even just a few years of investing P5,000 annually in your 20s means your money won't grow as fast and you can actually lose more than P150,000 by the time you hit 40. We don't know about you, but retiring somewhere near the water sounds pretty damn great. 

You're actually losing money if you leave it in your savings account.

If you love seeing big numbers on your ATM receipt, you are most definitely not alone. But given the increasing rate of inflation, a standard 0.5 percent annual interest in your savings barely yields any traction for your money to grow at the proportion you'd be more comfortable to settle with in the years to come. You’re going to need more, and keeping your money in your trusty savings account isn’t going to give you the return you want.

Do it for you.

You want a house of your own, a car to drive, and perhaps have the financial capacity to send your future kids to good schools. They all sound daunting and impossible, but they can actually be well within your reach. You might have a lot of questions about investing like how and where to begin, but the most important thing for you to do right now is to start. 

A great place to get the ball rolling on your future wealth is the stock market. It’s one of the fastest and best ways to easily grow your money to beat inflation. The good news is, you don't have to be wealthy or smart in finance to invest in stocks. If you're new to investing, 2TradeAsia provides you with step-by-step tutorials, well-researched market analyses, and even personalized communications through their Facebook page to guide you as you prepare your financial future, starting with a retirement fund.

Get your hands on easy-to-digest research and easily stay updated on stock price changes on their app (available on iOS and Android) or their website. Chat with one of our representative in 2TradeAsia’s Facebook page for more information.

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