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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: Liza Shares What Makes Life G When It Comes to Holiday Shopping

Are you guys ready for some holiday shopping? Liza Soberano is!
November 24, 2021
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You probably already know by now who the new face of GCash is—none other than certified superstar Liza Soberano. Known for her hit roles in both local and international entertainment, Liza definitely knows how to make the most out of every day despite her busy schedule. 

Her latest life hack? Paying with GCash.

With Christmas coming up, shopping for your loved ones (or even for yourself!) will most likely be in your to-do list all the way till the end of December. Already stressed out? We checked in with Liza for some of her favorite tips and deals to inspire your holiday gift guides:

What are your top 3 gift suggestions to destress from the crazy year that was 2021?

"My number one pick is their favorite food, usually dessert. Dessert always makes things better. Next would be candles. Candles are the best for setting the mood and if they know how to meditate, it’s perfect for setting intentions! Lastly, I’d recommend giving someone a personal journal. Usually, people are stressed because they’re overworked and they overthink. Writing your thoughts and emotions is a good way to release negative energy and reflect on what’s happening around you."

When shopping for yourself or for your family and friends, whether online or on-the-go, do you go cash or cashless? Why?

"I love shopping for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, and when I do, I definitely go cashless especially since I do my shopping online. 

Ever since the pandemic started, I keep just enough cash in my wallet for emergency purposes. Other than that, all my purchases have been cashless; it’s just a lot more convenient. I don’t have to go through my bag just to bring out my cards and cash. I don’t need to disinfect everything so much."

What’s your favorite way to pay with GCash and how will you use it this Christmas?

"My favorite feature is Send Money. It’s just so easy sending money to people that are already on my contact list. It creates less room for errors on my end since I don’t have to fill up so many questions."

How do you experience that #LifeisG with GCash?

"GCash has made day-to-day tasks such as grocery shopping, paying for bills, loading up my e-pass so much easier and convenient. It saves me so much time and that’s why i’m always so G to run errands."

During this holiday season, everyone’s excited to go out and go shopping, especially with lots of Christmas fairs and the 12.12 sale. With GCash, Liza knows that anyone could avoid the stress of the Christmas rush and still be able to celebrate Christmas with family and friends; shop for Christmas wishlists, send pamasko to your inaanak, and treat everyone to Noche Buena, all through one app! When you go cashless, you don’t have to deal with waiting times, the risk of going out during a pandemic, or hidden transaction fees ever again—this is why #LifeIsG this Christmas with GCash.

Liza Soberano already knows why #LifeisG this Christmas with GCash, so if you haven’t experienced why #LifeisG with GCash, this is your sign to download the GCash app the app via the App Store or Google Play. Register your account and get to checkout and pay with GCash!

Wanna know exactly how Liza makes the most out of her day with GCash? Check out the world of GCash here:

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