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Proof That Shopping Is Like Having A Crush Who Doesn’t Know You Exist

It's so hard to resist them sometimes.
August 07, 2017
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Developing a crush on someone isn’t something you plan on—it just happens! And to be honest, it feels the same with shopping, too! They are so alike in many ways and we've got some points to prove it:

1. They had you at hello.

And as for the girl who loves to shop, "hello" translates to words like "sale," "promos," or "free shipping!"

2. You think of him often and see him in almost everyone you meet.

You’re reminded of shopping the minute you saw your workmate’s new tassel earrings or a killer #OOTD post on social media. You pass by the shops and you swear you hear them calling your name. There’s no escaping it!

3. They remind you of happiness.

Shopping motivates you to work hard, rewards you in a way that you deserve, and makes you feel like the happiest girl in the world. No one should ever take that away from you!

4. You act like it’s a bad thing to fall, but we give in to it anyway.

You're completely aware that you're in it way too deep already. No matter how many times you say, "last na ‘to" while holding two shopping bags in each hand, you know that as long as you can afford it, there's no stopping you.

5. You feel like he’s too out of reach.

There are just some items that are difficult to find in the locale, but you're the type of girl who wants what she wants. Luckily, there's Shipping Cart, which lets you ship from the U.S. to the Philippines at a cheaper price. No need to long for all those brands that are not available here in the country when you can have them delivered right to your doorstep. It’s perfect if you don’t want to settle for anything less. Make your shopping dreams come true by checking out their page now. 

6. Even if he hurts you, you continue to make an effort for him.

No matter how much shopping leaves you guilty and your wallet empty, you simply can’t find an excuse to not do it.

7. He makes you want to ask the universe for signs.

Ultimately, you only see what you want to see when you're ready to see it. And *bam!*, a brand you love goes on sale and the sale happens on a payday, too! 

What's the difference between shopping and having a crush, though? While ~feelings~ can be complicated, there is definitely something that you can do to simplify your shopping experience. Learn how to ship your finds from the U.S. to the Philippines with Shipping Cart

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