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Scored A Job Interview? Here Are 4 Things You Need To Prepare ASAP!

Dial up your confidence and make that first impression work for you.
June 22, 2015
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Congrats on landing your first job interview, CG! We know how exhilarating it feels to get that first call from a potential employer—your future career just looks so promising! But once you’re done doing your ~*happy dance*~, let’s get down to business: What should you prepare for this crucial career move? And we don’t just mean your resume.

If there's one thing you should be focusing on, it's definitely your confidence. You can decide your own fate the minute you walk into the room. Here, we list four fashion and beauty musts you should have at the ready to help you feel confident throughout your interview!

1. Business attire

Whether you’re applying for a corporate job or at a more creative company, you can never go wrong with business attire. Opt for a smart-looking top and neatly pressed slacks or a modest skirt, and stock up on these picks so you have more to choose from when you’re called in for other interviews. Stay away from anything loud, ill-fitting, or overly casual—you don’t want to feel out of place or to distract your interviewer from your smarts. 

2. Comfy heels

Just making it to an interview is a chore on your feet: You have to hurry to catch the MRT or hail a cab, and then you have to find your way through corridors you’ve never walked in your life. Choose shoes that make you look professional and confident without torturing your feet. Go for closed-toe pumps with a mid or low heel, and make sure they’re polished and not scuffed or peeling—you never know when your interviewer will look down.

3. Natural-looking makeup

You wouldn’t want to show up at an interview in makeup that looks like it belongs in the club, not at an office. Steer clear of a smoky eye or a too-bold lip, and go for lightweight foundation, eyeshadow in neutral hues, and a natural lip color. Top trimmed nails with clear or nude polish, spritz on just a hint of fragrance, and voila! You’re all set to wow ‘em.

4. Hair conditioner

No matter how competent you are, if your hair is a frizzy, damaged mess, you might send the wrong message: that you don’t care how you present yourself, and wouldn’t do so once you’re a member of the company. And it's not just about how your look presents you to your future employer. When you know your hair is on point, you can easily find the confidence to speak about your awesome qualities and competencies. Use a conditioner that will tame your mane and keep it neat throughout that crucial interview. Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, our Cosmo Beauty Crush, does the job by repairing strands to make hair smoother, shinier, and healthier inside and out.

The first impression can make or break your chances of snagging a job, so make sure to improve your chances by being confident from the way you talk to the way you present yourself. Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner helps you polish your look by repairing strands with up to three months’ worth of hair damage and preventing split ends so your tresses are smooth and shiny in time for that job interview. Purchase it through Zalora and be on your way to having shiny, damage-free, interview-worthy hair, too.

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