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12 Pinays Who Became Successful Because Of Their 'You Can' Attitude

From creating social enterprises to turning their creative passions into careers, these go-getters are truly our life pegs.
December 12, 2018
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From fashion designers to surfers to social entrepreneurs to fitness advocates, these Pinays have one thing in common: their YOU-can attitude. It’s no wonder that Skechers chose them to showcase its YOU by Skechers line. With wellness and versatility at the heart of its designs, the collection is all about inspiring women to pursue their dreams with confidence, be true to themselves, and maintain a balanced life—and this perfectly describes these ladies as well. Read on to find out how they motivate themselves and inspire others to live their best life!

1. Patty Ang

Her mantra: YOU can always be yourself and be true to yourself.

Whether on Instagram, on magazine covers, or on red carpets, you’ve probably seen a dress designed by Patty Ang. Her love for fashion can be traced back to her days in high school, so she has certainly come a long way to become a top designer today. Her secret? “Every day is about passion,” Patty shares. She looks at each day with fresh eyes and travels often to gain inspiration. Patty adds that the key is to love what you’re doing, surround yourself with equally passionate individuals, and always stay true to yourself.

2. Shaira Luna

Her mantra: YOU can keep dreaming, and YOU can use your imagination.

Shaira Luna is one of the most in-demand fashion photographers in the city, so her schedule is fully booked. Despite this, she still makes time for personal photo shoots during weekends or whenever else she can squeeze them in. She shares that this is her own way to keep a well-balanced lifestyle and to keep her passion for her craft alive.

3. Christine Jacob Sandejas

Her mantra: YOU can be happy.

For Christine, happiness is a state of mind and a choice only you can make for yourself. The former Olympic swimmer, news anchor, TV host, and mother of five makes sure to stay positive for her roles on and off screen, hence continuing to encourage others to find the light in every situation, no matter how difficult. She shares that the key to maintaining a bright and balanced lifestyle is to prioritize. “First things first. Then you find time to fit everything else next.”

4. Bea Vega

Her mantra: YOU can never forget that you’re good enough.

Bea is a professional surfer as well as the first female surfer-photographer in the Philippines. Most of her photographs depict local surfers exhibiting their raw talent. Outside of surfing, she’s a dancer, actress, and TV host—all of which exercise her excellent time management skills. According to Bea, a pescetarian, no matter how crazy her schedule is, having a healthy and balanced diet is key.

5. Trasienne Estrada

Her mantra: YOU can be the best version of yourself.

Besides being our #feedgoals, Trasienne has established herself as a multifaceted entrepreneur, fitness advocate, and creative boss of her brand Float Swimwear. From travel, photography, skateboarding, and business, she— makes sure to start her day early every day, work out, work efficiently, and plan for how to make more of her dreams a reality.

6. Mia Cabalfin

Her mantra: YOU can be limitless. Don’t let anybody tell YOU what YOU can or cannot do, what YOU can or cannot achieve.

Having pursued a dance career after a decade of working in broadcasting, Mia is proof that nothing should keep you from doing what you love. Today, Mia is a choreographer, dance teacher, children’s dance workshop director, and a fitness instructor. With a full schedule of dance and fitness activities, Mia is a firm believer in working hard and playing hard. “When it’s work time, it’s really work time. But when it’s time for a vacation, I completely switch modes. It’s so important to find that balance and find time for yourself.” 

7. Paloma Zobel

Her mantra: YOU can explore, be curious, and YOU can have a balanced life.


Even before moving to Palawan, Paloma has been developing an advocacy to promote Filipino culture, heritage, and art primarily through her lifestyle brand PIOPIO, which boasts fun and contemporary pieces using traditional Filipino weaves. In Palawan, she put together Kalye Artisano, a sustainable lifestyle hub where local artists get to share their knowledge and craft. Amidst her busy work and travel routine, Paloma still keeps everything in check. “I try to surround myself with fun and positive people. Apart from working hard, I do have a good time.”

8. Issa Litton

Her mantra: YOU can do anything and YOU can be whatever you want, as long as YOU want it.

Whether it’s acting, hosting, or speaking in front of a large crowd, Issa Litton’s voice is a force to be reckoned with. You’ve probably seen her onscreen or hosting intimate events but aside from these, Issa also finds time to share her craft by leading communications and public speaking workshops, where she encourages everyone to find their voice. "The whole world will try to tell you what to do, point you in a certain direction. And you will find that it is too noisy. Look inwards, it’s there."

9. Kristine Sy

Her mantra: YOU can build the life that you want. 

Before indoor cycling classes became popular, Kristine was already reeling in the equipment to create the Philippines’ first indoor cycling brand, Electric Studio. From running her business to teaching students to maintaining her personal life, she credits an organized calendar as the key to balancing everything. In true go-getter fashion, Kris encourages women to be less afraid of making mistakes, and instead, to be more confident to take risks and go out of their comfort zone.

10. Reese Fernandez

Her mantra: YOU can be yourself, but YOU can also still grow.

Driven by a genuine desire to create a positive impact in the lives of Filipinos, Reese has become one of the pioneers of social entrepreneurship in the country. After co-founding acclaimed ethical fashion and design house Rags2Riches, Reese continues to scout for other artisans and craft-makers for Things That Matter, an online marketplace she established to inspire positive change. According to Reese, it’s important to make time for people and things that matter the most.

11. Rianna Gatus

Her mantra: YOU can be unapologetically YOU.

Rianna is the epitome of the modern active woman. You can find her instructing yoga classes or training students to become instructors at her studio, Beyond Yoga. For her, it’s important to always find balance in one’s daily routine and to design a life you can truly call your own. She says you can achieve this by “not spreading yourself too thin and leaving some energy for yourself.”

12. Cheska Nolasco

Her mantra: YOU can do it all.

Interior designer Cheska Nolasco has perfected her work-life balance—a well-rounded lifestyle requires harmony and hard work, and she applies this to the projects she leads from bare to finish. Cheska considers herself very dedicated to her work, but maintains that time off for family and self, whether through shared meals or yoga sessions, is a must. 

A footwear collection combining lifestyle and wellness, YOU by Skechers is designed for the versatility and activeness of the busy modern woman. The chic minimalist silhouettes come in super comfortable slip-on and faux lace styles with several shades and textures—from neutrals such as taupe, charcoal, and black, to the more playful mauve, mint, and peach. Whether you’re on the move, at work, or chasing your dreams, YOU by Skechers adapts to your multifaceted lifestyle so you can be the best version of you.

YOU by Skechers is available in all Skechers stores and online at

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