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The Twentysomething's Guide To Making Your Salary Last Until The Next Payday

You'll never hit 'petsa de peligro' again.
January 22, 2018
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Every twentysomething is familiar with the cycle: When payday comes around, you're tempted by thoughts of buying that embroidered denim jacket you've been lusting over. Or maybe a friend extends an invitation to dine at an upscale resto, and you're dying to go. You give in to your desires. Next thing you know, you're overcome by fear every time you check your bank account.

Now comes the hard part. You resort to fast food dinners and cheap coffee. That is until the next payday rolls around. From there, the cycle starts all over again.

If you're tired of experiencing these things, the following tips can help you recover.

1. Track your expenses.

Jotting down your expenses, no matter how small they are, will help you figure out where your money is going.

2. Review your expenses and budget accordingly.

Time to reevaluate your spending! Think about the one thing you've been splurging the most on. Is it something you can live without? Your daily caffeine runs to the nearest coffee shop might be causing a dip in your budget.

3. Bring baon to work.

You could be saving a lot more money by doing groceries and cooking for yourself. Dining out is always tempting, but it would help to start packing your lunch more. Better yet, make baon out of your leftovers from last night's dinner. 

4. Pay with cash.

A credit card is always helpful, but not when you don't have control over your spending. Avoid the surprise of a steep credit card bill by sticking to cash as much as you can. You can also use your debit card to see how much you have left to spend the month.

5. Pick an Internet plan with loads of freebies.

Your monthly Internet bill most likely costs more than you would like. We suggest opting for the Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi—a pocket-friendly Internet service that allows you to manage your spending. With zero monthly fees, it gives you a powerful modem with 50 percent stronger connection and free 10GB data.

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