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These Bits Of Advice From Thriving Pinays Will Give You The Confidence To Pursue Your Dream Career

You owe it to yourself to be a bias breaker!
March 18, 2022
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As if questioning our own capabilities isn’t enough to refrain us from pursuing what we really want, the world seems to be set on constraining us within the limits of what they always thought women should and can do. Sure, there’s been some progress over the years, but let’s be honest: There’s still so much work to do to make this world a liberating place for women. 

The good thing is, more women have been pushing back the confines, breaking antiquated barriers as they go. And in case you can make use of more driving force to be a bias breaker in your own way, the conversation hosted by Cosmopolitan Philippines alongside Lactacyd is a good source of it! 

“Better, Stronger, Empowered: Thriving Pinays Share Their #BreakTheBiasStories” was a Facebook Live event that took place just in time for International Women’s Day, and featured three women who are forces to be reckoned in their respective fields—athlete and host Gretchen Ho, influencer, entrepreneur, and Miss Universe candidate Ayn Bernos, and professional skateboarder Margielyn Didal

All three ambassadors shared the things that have guided them throughout their journey, which they believe other women can adapt to their lives as well.

Ayn Bernos
During the run of Miss Universe Philippines 2021, Ayn was one of the ultimate talks of town—a proud morena who stands at 5’3" is a considerably short height in pageantry.

That said, these so-called "limitations" never hindered her from conquering her Miss Universe dreams, especially after seeing how well her fellow 5’3" Miss Australia 2020, Maria Thattil, did in her own journey. “Seeing her represent her country so well made me think that I could have it in me too,” Ayn shares. “Ano naman ang height? I can still carry myself with style and with intelligence. And I can show up as Ayn, and that should be good enough.”

She also makes it a point to only pay attention to what people who genuinely care about her have to say: “Criticism is always great; it’s just that you have to get it from the right people.” Besides her solid support system, what also motivates Ayn to do whatever it is that she wants is by asking herself this question: “Why not me?” 

“That’s a question I ask every time I’ve hit the barrier na parang, ay baka hindi ako para dito,” she explains. “Lagi kong sinasabi, nagawa ng iba, bakit hindi ko kaya? Or why can’t I be the first?”

Margielyn Didal
Margielyn, to say the least, was lucky enough to be part of a community—the skating community—that’s completely accepting and embracing, so her struggles tend to be more internal, which is also why she prides herself to be her own role model. This mindset allowed her to put herself out in the world, to the extent of representing the Philippines in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Margielyn is not oblivious to the fact that men in the sport tend to have an innate upper hand, but she doesn’t really view it as any kind of women’s disadvantage. “Nung nag-start ako, grabe na ‘yung mga laro nila. Like from stairs to rails, kahit anong mga obstacle, tinitira nila na parang wala lang,” she recalls. “But in any sport, nag-start lahat as beginners. So same process of mastery lang with men and women.”

She admits having moments where she doubts herself, but she always comes back to why she even started in the first place. “Kapag umabot kayo sa point na pagod na, just think about bakit mo sinimulan, bakit mo pinasok, bakit ka nandito,” she advises. And while not everyone gets to see the amount of hard work you put in with whatever you do, she says that you owe it to yourself to be proud of your achievements.

Gretchen Ho
Gretchen was known as a volleyball player before also succeeding as a host and a newscaster. While she had a good run as an athlete, there was one thing she hated back then—how the media glorified female athletes based on their looks instead of skills, contrary to how they did male athletes. “‘It led people to view female athletes based on appearance,” she points out. “As a player, you don’t want that kind of attention only because of your looks. You want people to actually look at your skills.” 

Being a news anchor also bears the expectation that she should look good. The difference, however, is that she has since learned to not dwell on her physical appearance, regardless of what people say. 

“Sa work ko, sa news, we have to look good every day, dress up well every day. But there are days na minsan pangit ang suot mo, hindi pala swak. Minsan yung eyeliner mo hindi pantay. O mag-stutter ka,” she says. “I just laugh it off and say na tao lang ako, and that's the fun part of the journey. Seeing yourself make mistakes, stand up, and then improve and try to get better.” 

She adds: “‘Huwag kayong matakot magkamali. The world is expecting us to be perfect, to always get it right, to always have it together. But sometimes you just don’t; sometimes sabog ka talaga, puyat ka talaga, wala ka talagang energy. No matter how much you try, you just can’t get it right all the time, and that's okay.”

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The point of these stories? Allow yourself to take control of your life, and don’t let anybody or anything talk you out of whatever it is you want to pursue—not the conventional standards, not your period, and definitely not your being a woman. Remember: You’re more capable than anyone gives you credit for. So go ahead and break the bias, whatever that means for you!

Watch the full Facebook live discussion hereTo learn more about Lactacyd, visit the Sanofi website

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