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Yes, Work-Life Blending Is A Thing And These Pinays Are Nailing It

"It is possible to have everything."
December 27, 2019
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Forget about work-life balance, CGs! Many experts are now in agreement that such concept is a myth. What’s more important is the new concept of work-life blending, wherein you have room for both your work and passions without ever having to choose between either at any given time.

But even work-life blending isn’t easy—not when you’re juggling an 8-5 corporate job while pursuing other side hustles. With so many things on our plates, it’s rather easy to get overwhelmed and just coast your way through life. But if you're looking for a bit of inspiration, these Pinays prove that it is possible to have room for everything.

Pamela Mejia

Founder, Phinix & FIBERS

Day job: Fashion Social Entrepreneur

Side hustle/s: Post-graduate studies in fashion

Pam says her love for fashion deepened when she opened her first online business during her college days. From being a pre-med student, Pam now single-handedly manages two fashion businesses—Phinix, a fashion social enterprise that transforms textile wastes into higher-valued products, and FIBERS, an initiative that trains and empowers fashion social entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. On top of all that, she’s also a full-time Chevening Scholar taking up her MA in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation at London College of Fashion. Her career goal? To encourage local, budding entrepreneurs like her to adapt sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

For a girl wearing many hats, working towards one’s goals can be a daunting task. So when it comes to handling pressure, Pam shares one piece of advice. “As we try to work on our goals and dreams, always remember that we are in different seasons. There will be days when we have to focus on our work and days that we give to the people we love. But no matter how busy work can be, always give time for yourself to nurture your relationships with your loved ones. It's how you achieve work-life blending.”

Angely Dub

Founder, Access Travel

Day job: Travel and business

Side hustle/s: Photography and videography

You’ve probably heard of Angely while researching for a big trip. That’s because she’s the woman behind Access Travel, one of the country’s top travel agencies. As a globetrotter herself, Angely started Access Travel 10 years ago to help people grow and learn outside of their comfort zones. When asked what her business stands for, she answered in a simple way: “Access is a brand that lets people get the experiences that they deserve.” For Angely, traveling is both a need and a want that people must experience, and that’s where she and her team come in.

When it comes to achieving work-life blending, Angely puts importance on learning how to prioritize, a skill that she mastered after 10 years of juggling work and other passions like fitness and photography. Her secret? Starting with a super, long-term goal, and breaking it down into smaller, more attainable daily goals. She says: “It is possible to have everything. Just have a certain timeline and then prioritize. With only 24 hours a day, it’s not an easy job, but it’s something that you’ll learn to achieve along the way.”

Sam Dizon

Founder, Candid Clothing

Day job: Founder of a Fashion Social Enterprise

Side hustle/s: E-commerce consultancy

Sam provides livelihoods for local seamstresses by way of managing Candid Clothing, a fashion social enterprise that focuses on sustainable garments production. As a young business owner, her daily work routine is never fixed and involves a mix of many things: Managing the supply chain, designing new products, working with marketing officers, preparing financial statements, and meeting with clients.

To some, single-handedly keeping track of all these tasks may sound intimidating, but to Sam, you can achieve work-life blending while staying on top of your career armed with just one thing: discipline. She says, “A common excuse would be the lack of time, but you can always get more out of a day if you say no to things that don’t really matter to you or your career. Work-life blending has always been important to me. I make sure to make time for the things that are essential, like going to the gym, praying, and catching up with my closest friends.”

Vani Vergara

President, Reef Check Philippines

Nature of work: Wildlife preservation

Side hustle/s: Public relations and consultancy

By day, you're likely to see Vani trotting office hallways wearing heels and talking to big brands. But on other days, she trades her heels for fins as a scuba instructor. A self-confessed ocean nerd, this PR girl is also the president of Reef Check Philippines, an organization that helps preserve marine life in the Philippines.

Working in two industries, Vani admits that it sometimes gets difficult to manage different things at once. But what sets this super girl apart from her colleagues is her drive to stay in the game and to challenge herself to reach new heights. How does she achieve grace under pressure? She says, “I’ve learned after years of having a hectic schedule that taking an hour a day for yourself is important to make sure you don’t get burned out, whether it's doing a workout or simply reading a book. You need to recharge yourself to make sure that you are the best version of yourself at work as well.”

Do it all, have it all-in-one

While it’s hard to keep our priorities afloat, these ladies prove that anyone can pursue their passions and be well-rounded individuals. With commitment and hard work, it is possible to achieve everything you want, career and passion, without having to compromise on either.

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