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5 No-Fail Dessert Picks by Dominic Roque in Time for V-Day

It's bound to be the sweetest month!
February 14, 2022
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Need a solid reco on what sweet stuff to give your S.O. this V-day? Well, you can take notes from actor-slash-model Dominic Roque—who proves himself to be a romantic guy himself! A quick scan through his Instagram is enough to discover this part of him, especially those related to his very own S.O. *wink*

In time for the love month, Dominic has some kind of a ~dessert cheat sheet~ that has never failed him so far. See below his ideas—along with similar products that you can order from GrabFood Signatures (aka restaurants you can find only in GrabFood). You’re welcome!

1. Chocolate cake

In Dominic’s words: “Who doesn’t love a good chocolate cake?” Chocolate cake is a gift that keeps on giving, coming in various forms. Just among GrabFood Signatures alone, there are already several reiterations of chocolate cake that would fit different cravings and preferences! 

If you’re looking for a straightforward chocolate cake that’s moist and fudgy, check out Big AL’s take on the classic. Their Decadent Chocolate Cake is available as a loaf for P385/good for 3 to 5 people; junior size for P700/good for 8 to 10 people; birthday size for P1,200/good for 15 to 20 people; and party size for P1,800/good for 25 to 30 people.

After layers upon layers of chocolate? Conti's Chocolate Obsession (P1,446.50) might be up your alley. It features layers of Belgian milk chocolate, dark chocolate, wafers, and white chocolate cream, with cocoa powder on top and frosted chocolate on the cake’s edge. 

For those who like both chocolate, coffee, and cheesecake all in one go, Banapple’s Dark Chocolate Tiramisu Cheesecake (P264.50/slice) is a great choice. This cake offers a feast of chocolate and coffee flavors, with its chocolate cookie crust, dark chocolate, and coffee-flavored cheesecake, coffee-flavored whipped cream, as well as crushed butter cookies and dark chocolate curls toppings.

2. Dulce de Leche 

Though with a different flavor note than chocolate, dulce de leche is just as capable of stealing hearts, and you can take Dominic’s word for it. “Dulce de leche never fails to impress a lady,” he guarantees. We’re sure it wouldn’t fail to impress even the gentlemen, too! 

If your S.O. is a fan of dulce de leche plus cheesecake, you can give them Cake2Go’s Dulce de Leche Cheesecake (P935)! This cake features an indulgent cheesecake topped with a smooth layer of dulce de leche, and looking at it is enough to make anyone drool!

3. Strawberries dipped in white chocolate

Strawberries are effortlessly delightful on their own. So when you pair them with something sweet like white chocolate as Dominic does on the regular, best believe they’re going to be irresistible. You can even amp it up a notch by pairing this dessert with a good glass of sparkling wine—also as Dominic vouches for! “[They] always go well with [bubbles],” he pointed out.  

You can also expand your strawberry-based dessert options with the likes of Wildflour Bakes pastries: Strawberry Cronuts (P744), a croissant-donut pastry filled with custard and topped with real strawberries or their Strawberry Cremadettes (P648), a puff pastry with strawberry filling. Let’s not forget Paper Moon’s Strawberry Pistachio Mille Crepe, too! It’s available as a slice for P345, or as a whole crepe at P3,450.

Wildflour Strawberry Cronuts  


Paper Moon Strawberry Pistachio Mille Crepe  


4. Donuts

Donuts may easily pass up as an everyday sweet fix, but there’s just something special with donuts specially made for a specific occasion. For this reason, Dominic is extra fond of getting donuts for V-Day: “The fantastic thing about [donuts] is that they always come out with cool flavors for Valentine’s.”

But whether it’s a special flavor or a classic one, Dominic makes a point to stress this: “Do not underestimate the power of donuts when it comes to impressing the one you love.” 

Take your pick from the extensive list of V-Day special donuts, then complete the pack with something classic like Lola Nena’s Triple Cheese Donuts (P260) from Lola Nena's. Who could resist pillowy donuts, coated with white sugar and filled with a generous amount of melted cheese?

5. Charcuterie board

Planning a laid-back date night? Nothing a charcuterie board filled with your common favorites in it can fix! Make sure to pair it with “a good bottle of wine.” But if you’re looking to do something new and sweet this Valentine’s, why not try a dessert charcuterie board! Choose from GrabFood Signatures’ whole bunch of fail-proof dessert options that will sure to hit the sweet spot of your most beloved.

Further proving that he has a keen eye on the sweet stuff, Dominic prepared a surprise for his most beloved with rows and rows of sweet desserts from GrabFood Signatures. Check out his pre-Valentine’s surprise below:

Whatever surprise you’re planning to pull off for your loved one (or loved ones, even, because V-Day, after all, isn’t only for couples!), do not forgo desserts because no one can say no to them specifically at this time of the year! In case you need another reason to get desserts, then hear this out: GrabFood Signatures is offering a whole lot of promos for the entire month of February, which makes their dessert options like the ones we mentioned earlier that much more enticing.  

For Mondays to Saturdays for the whole of February, use the promo code SIGNATURES for any of your GrabFood Signatures orders (note: with a minimum purchase of P550) to automatically get P80 off and 300 GrabRewards points, which can be used to redeem amazing offers on the GrabRewards tile or discount vouchers for your next Grab bookings or orders.

And though V-Day falls on a weekday, make Sundays just as exciting by ordering from GrabFood Signatures. There’s the Signatures Sunday Promo applicable to orders amounting to a minimum of P500, which entitles users to 20% (capped of at P150) and 300 GrabRewards points. 

Take your pick and savor the sweetness of Valentine’s Day with GrabFood Signatures desserts, shared with the people dear to you!

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