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5 Outdoor Restaurants To Try If You Miss Eating Out

When it's okay to do so, of course!
April 17, 2021
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It’s likely been *ages* since the last time you dined out. It could be due to your decision not to go out and stay safe at home, and that’s okay! But if you find yourself ~ready~ to eat out one of these days, there’s no better option than outdoor restaurants that allow you to practice proper safety and social distancing protocols. There are a bunch of these at McKinley Hill in Taguig City, so you don’t really have to go far!

Check out some our fave outdoor restaurants at McKinley Hill below:


GF Venice Piazza

If you enjoy spicy food, you’d want to give this chic Mexican restaurant a try. It offers a selection of Latin American dishes—from burritos, tacos, and quesadillas, to platters complete with Mexican rice, meat, and sides. Plus, they also serve lasagna, pizza, and even sisig with their own Mexican twists! Interesting, right?

Happy Days

GF Venice Piazza

This Filipino diner is known for its huge platters and rice meals that you will definitely enjoy. They have all-day breakfast options (homemade Cebu longganisa, anyone?), skewers, sizzlers, and the classics like lumpiang shanghai and boneless crispy pata. Of course, the desserts are as Pinoy as they can get, too. Case in point: halo-halo and turon a la mode!

Cuesina Bistro

2F Venice Grand Canal

Sizzling dishes always hit the spot, amirite? Well, Filipino restaurant Cuesina Bistro offers a ton of these—including their must-try Sizzling Mixed Seafood and Sizzling Bulalo. And because sizzling dishes are best paired with soup, we suggest trying out any of their Pinoy-style hotpot like the Beef Bone Marrow Bulalo! And to end your meal on a sweet note, take your pick from their desserts such as Ube Palitaw Con Cuesina, Suman Ube Leche Flan Con Latik, and Banana Langka Turon Ala Mode.

Toni & Sergio

GF Venice Grand Canal

Pasta and pizza are the perfect go-to meals. Head over to Toni & Sergio to get your fix of these, among their assortment of Italian and Spanish dishes. FYI, their pizzas are made using hand-tossed dough and baked in a brick oven! Try their Pizzaiolo Burger if you want their unique twist on the classic Italian dish. And for a more complete fare, pair your meals with their ~exclusive~ Italian sodas and cocktails. *wink*

Chiara's Gelateria

GF Venice Grand Canal

For a full-fledged dessert stop, head to Chiara’s Gelateria. It offers Italian desserts like gelato, panna cotta, and the OG tiramisu among other cake options. If you want to fill up yourself just a bit more, though, they’ve got panini and coffee as well!

As you treat yourselves to good food at these outdoor dining options at McKinley Hill, make sure to observe the safety protocols at all times! Learn more about these restaurants by following McKinley Hill on Facebook and Instagram or by visiting Megaworld's official website.

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