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5 Restaurants With Outdoor Dining Options For Your Next Day Out

Just don’t forget to bring your face mask and shield!
April 30, 2021
CREATED WITH Megaworld Lifestyle Malls
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After a year of staying at home, we understand if you can’t wait to go back out there and treat yourself to some sun, sand, and sea. But hold your horses, Cosmo girls! As responsible Pinays, we must never forget to follow quarantine protocols and travel restrictions. These things are in place for our safety, after all. 

But as you count the days until your next out-of-town trip, we suggest treating yourself to nearby destinations for now. Our reco: Go for a day of outdoor dining at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls. The company really committed to providing us with clean, well-ventilated dining setups that actually make physical distancing possible, and it’s exactly what you’re going to see on your future visit to Uptown Mall. Here are some of the IG-worthy restaurants with alfresco dining options you need to consider:

1. The European Diner (TED)

Upper Ground Floor, Uptown Mall

The name says it all! You’ll get a taste of Europe without leaving the metro when you sample this restaurant’s array of Italian, Spanish, and Greek dishes. Pro tip: Happy Hour is on every day so feel free to drop by anytime.

2. Flatiron 1771 Restaurant & Bar

Upper Ground Floor, Uptown Mall

Refined comfort food? Yes, please! We recommend trying their umami-packed Beef Brisket that’s slow-cooked to perfection. It’s hard not to enjoy every bite of this dish with the outdoor view. 

3. Buffalo Wild Wings

4th Floor, Uptown Mall

Hot wings, smoky ribs, and mozzarella sticks—need we say more? Really liven up the party when you pair these dishes with the restaurants beers and cocktails. Margaritas, anyone? You can book a table as early as now.   

4. Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

Ground Floor, Uptown Parade

Serving up all things Neapolitan, this resto is the right pick for when you want something a little classy. Treat yourself to an Italian meal with dishes like risotto, pasta, pizza, and tiramisu. You’ll love how both the food and the place are totally ~Instagrammable~.

5. Mgyuu Steaks

Ground Floor, One Uptown Residence

Up for a whole day of wining and dining? We’re talking tender, juicy prime-cut steaks paired with robust reds. Get that experience when you visit this restaurant, Cosmo girls. It’s definitely a must-try, we promise!

Can’t decide which establishment to pick? Go for the whole lot! If you’re only going out once this summer, you might as well make the most of your day, right? *wink* Watch this video to see what you can look forward to at Uptown Mall:

It’s going to take a while but your next trip is going to be worth the wait! For now, check out the alfresco dining options at Uptown Bonifacio when you visit this website and follow Megaworld Lifestyle Malls on Facebook and Instagram.

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