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6 Things Constantly Hungry Girls Can Relate To

Snacks are life.
November 18, 2016
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Nothing is forever, except that good relationship you built with the delivery man of your favorite pizza place or the happiness you feel every time you fill yourself with French fries. Food is a gift from the heavens and you never really get hungry because you always eat anyway! Below, six things girls with big appetites can definitely relate to.

1. You always look forward to the future.

It’s 9 AM and you just finished breakfast but you are already thinking of where to eat for lunch. Looking that far into the future only means you are a positive thinker…right?

2. You are a master of scheduling your day.

You can’t eat too early because then you’ll have to take lunch out of schedule, which only means your stomach will be complaining around the afternoon if you don’t have your merienda. So you expertly follow a meal schedule, because being hungry is a state you won’t ever let yourself experience.

3. You have perfected the art of retouching lipstick.

Because. You. Always. Eat. Anyway. It can get tiring to retouch sometimes so you find your heart beating faster whenever you find lip colors that do not easily rub off. Kissproof lipstick? Forget it. You need foodproof lippies.

4. You have mastered the flatlay.

Of food shots. In fact, your Instagram is so full of your food pics since you have to document your breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, snack time, etc.

5. The grocery is your happy place.

And your fridge is always well-stocked. That is one part of your home where you’ve successfully adulted.

6. Snacks are a serious business for you.

Because there is no way you can only eat three meals a day. So you make sure you always have something you can reach for in your bag while stuck in traffic or in the office during crunch time. And speaking of snacks, you always know which ones will perfectly satisfy your perpetual cravings.

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