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I Swear, You *NEED* These Dairy-Free Ice Cream Pops In Your Life

The *main* ingredients are locally sourced!
by Ira Nopuente
July 23, 2022
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(LEFT TO RIGHT) Ira Nopuente, Hygge Beverage Co.
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As someone who is lactose-intolerant, I have spent most of my life *suffering* from tummy aches after enjoying a milky treat. It's also been a journey of finding dairy-free desserts that don't taste artificial or downright weird.

In 2021, I discovered Alt Scoops, a local ice cream brand that creates oat milk-based frozen treats. (Here's my honest review.) This year, 2022, they introduced a new product line: Alt Pops! Also made with oat milk, each ice cream stick is dipped in thick dark chocolate.

Alt Pops come in three flavors: Oat Milk, Strawberry, and Capuccino Crunch. Among these three, I'm partial to Oat Milk because the intense dark chocolate is balanced by the simple vanilla flavor of the dairy-free ice cream.

Alt Pops Oat Milk

Simple yet ~*rich*~. Frozen, creamy oat milk with a shell made from Auro's award-winning couverture 64 percent dark chocolate.

Ira Nopuente

Alt Pops Strawberry

These are made from freshly harvested Cordillera strawberries.

Ira Nopuente

Alt Pops Cappuccino Crunch

This oat milk ice cream has smooth and rich flavors of Italian Espresso Beans. You'll love the textures brought by the thick dark chocolate shell and chopped almonds.

Ira Nopuente

Each Alt Pop costs P150, but you can order all three flavors in one package for P450.

Hygge Beverage Co.

Get your dairy-free treat from the Hygge Beverage Co. website.

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