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Here’s How To Take Your Annual Barkada Christmas Party Online

You can still celebrate via video call!
December 07, 2020
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Just because we need to stay at home and practice social distancing doesn’t mean your annual barkada Christmas party has to be canceled! You can have just as much fun (if not more!) with a virtual party. If you’re looking for ideas on how to carry over traditions and still have fun online, read on!

  1. Set the mood with a holiday playlist.

No party is complete without Christmas-y music. It’ll help set the tone for the night and keep everyone feeling upbeat. To make the playlist even more special, make it collaborative! Ask your friends to include their fave Christmas songs so you’ll be bopping all night.

  1. Prepare fun games and icebreakers.

Differentiate this party from your regular barkada Zoom calls by filling the program with fun games. You can do a trivia game that’s full of fun facts—or make it more interesting by including ~tea~ on everyone in the call. Your friends will LOL when they see questions like, “Which person in the barkada is the most marupok when it comes to love?”

  1. Keep up your Secret Santa tradition.

There are a ton of websites where you can input all your names and virtually draw a friend to give a gift to. Before the party, you can pick your giftee, set up a budget, order your gift, and send it over to your friend. It’ll make the party so special, especially since you can’t be with each other physically.

  1. Watch a Christmas movie together.

Thanks to screen sharing, you can all watch your fave holiday movies together! Choose feel-good flicks that’ll have you laughing, crying, and remembering what the Christmas spirit is all about. You can use the screen sharing function on Zoom or use Teleparty to stream your Christmas movies of choice together.

  1. Don’t forget your holiday drinks!

Light, smooth, and refreshing beverages are perfect for any party—whether virtual or in-person—which is why you'll love the Jim Beam Highball as your drink of choice for your online festivities. The light, refreshing cocktail is easy to make at home and pairs well with all the Christmas snacks you’ve prepared for the party. Depending on what you're craving, highballs can be customized to fit the simplest or the most complex of palates.

You can keep it simple by making a Classic Jim Beam Highball. To do this, chill a glass, your soda water, and Jim Beam. Squeeze a lemon wedge and drop it into the glass. Fill the glass with ice, then pour 30ml of Jim Beam into it. Top it up with 120ml of soda water and gently stir it once.

To add a holiday twist to your drink, make an Apple Cinnamon Jim Beam Highball! Chill a glass, your soda water, and Jim Beam. Muddle four slices of red apple in the glass, then pour 10ml of lemon juice and 15ml of cinnamon syrup into it. Fill the glass with ice, then pour 30ml of Jim Beam into it. Top it up with 120ml of soda water and gently stir it once. The Apple Cinnamon Jim Beam Highball will be a hit with your friends!

If you're feeling more creative, make a Frozen Fruit Jim Beam Highball. Chill your glass, your soda water, and Jim Beam. Pour 10ml lemon juice into the glass. Add six to eight pieces of frozen fruit instead of ice, then pour 30ml of Jim Beam into it. Top it up with 120ml of soda water and gently stir it once.

Make your holiday party even more special by getting the Jim Beam Tin Pack from S&R! It comes with two one-liter bottles of Jim Beam in a holiday tin—you can use the tin as an ice bucket while the lid can double as a garnish tray. Get one for each member of your barkada so you can all toast the holidays together just like you would if you were all together in person!

The Jim Beam Tin Pack is available in S&R for only P1,438. You can also get your Jim Beam bottles online along with other Beam Suntory products via their official Lazada shop.

For more information, visit the official Jim Beam Facebook page at, or follow them on Instagram: @jimbeamhighballph.

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