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Here’s The Downside Of Your Coffee Habit

Your daily caffeine fix comes at a price.
June 23, 2017
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Coffee doesn’t ask silly questions. Coffee understands. That’s why everything is better with coffee.

…Or is it? Because while your day would be incomplete without first downing a hot cup of joe, there are some things coffee just can’t fix, as you’ll see in the list below:

Acidity and ulcers
If you’re a busy girl with no time for breakfast, chances are you’d chug down a cup of coffee in time for the day’s first meeting for a much-needed energy boost. But coffee is highly acidic, and it could irritate the lining of your stomach or bowels, causing hyperacidity and ulcers. Grab your coffee with something to eat, and you’re fine!

Perpetual jitters
Sensitive to caffeine? One cup too many could mean spending the whole day on edge! Shaky hands, a racing pulse, even increased blood pressure in the long run—these are the most common signs that you should ease up on your coffee intake. You could switch to decaf, but it doesn’t have quite the same kick, does it? 

Beyond daytime jitters, the effects of your coffee habit could also mess up your sleep cycle. Ever experienced an exhausting day, only to lie in bed wide awake with your mind racing? You could blame it on that sweet text you got from your boy, but we bet your late afternoon coffee is the real culprit.

Coffee dependency
The next morning, you wake up tired AF because your coffee pick-me-up worked too well the day before. So you stop by your favorite cafe to get your go-to brew before clocking in at work. It’s a vicious cycle. Good thing coffee understands, right?

Pearly not-so-whites
Months or years later, though, you’ll find that the one thing coffee doesn’t understand is that every girl’s gotta keep her pearly whites sparkling! Your coffee habit may pump up your energy, but it could also be dulling your smile. Of course, it’s not just coffee—tea and wine can do the same kind of damage.

Check out the story of a barista, Dan, whose life literally revolves around coffee—and, consequently, stained teeth:

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