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OMG! *Plant-Based* Bulgogi Exists And Here’s Where To Get It

And more ready-to-eat meat-free options!
December 13, 2021
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Often find yourself craving bulgogi? No judgment! It’s pretty understandable especially if you’re a huge Hallyu fan, considering how most Korean shows—from K-dramas to your favorite K-pop group’s variety shows—almost always feature this grilled meat.

While it’s easily accessible in the many KBBQ houses around the Metro and beyond, plant-based options are far and few. The good news is that local brand Veega has recently launched their Ready-to-Eat Meat-Free Bulgogi, which means you can easily get your fix whenever, wherever!

Since Veega's meat-free bulgogi comes in ready-to-eat packs, you can stock up at home without worrying about them going stale in just a few days. What’s more, this bulgogi is actually made of plant-based proteins, not meat!

You might be wondering how enjoyable meat-free bulgogi could be when the dish's *meatiness* is often the highlight of this K-food fave. But local food brand Veega is out to treat you to its products’ meaty mouthfeel even with plant-based ingredients from the likes of mushrooms, soy, and wheat!

This meat-free bulgogi is part of Veega’s new product selection called Veega Ready-to-Eat Line. As mentioned earlier, it comes in ready-to-eat packs—yup, it’s completely seasoned and already cooked!—so you can just take it straight from the freezer and pop it in the microwave or heat it on a pan for a few minutes. The Veega Meat-Free Bulgogi is available inleading supermarkets nationwide, and online from The SMC Hub, Lazada, or Shopee for P235/250 grams.

BTW, bulgogi is not the only plant-based Korean-inspired food offered by Veega. There’s also the Spicy Soy Garlic Balls, which is also part of the Veega Ready-to-Eat Line. And yes, it also comes all seasoned and fully cooked! You can get it for P200/250 grams.

Along with their Ready-to-Eat Line, Veega also introduced the Veega Vegan Line, which is its first-ever vegan product selection. These vegan options are made with just plant-based proteins—strictly without any ingredient sourced from animals, just as what vegan food is all about. Veega’s Vegan Line features breakfast staples that are undeniably Pinoy: Tapa, Tocino, and Adobo Flakes.

Aside from these new meat-free options, Veega also offers Nuggets, Balls, Sausage, Burger Patty, and Giniling—its first set of products launched earlier this year.

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